Is Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.?

Last night was the best game I’ve ever seen, hands down. What a year for sports, am I right? First with the Cavs epic triumph over the Warriors, then the Cubs reversing their 108 year drought, and now the biggest Super Bowl comeback ever. For those who weren’t a fan of either team, I know there were mixed feelings about the game; some people can’t stand the Patriots and wanted to see a new team win. Others wanted to witness history and personally, I was the latter. There have only been a few times in history where a dynasty has completely dominated an era, and this might be the best led by Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.

Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.

(photo by Keith Allison, Flickr)

Let’s start with the doubt. It began in 2002 when they defeated “The Greatest Show on Turf” a.k.a. the best offensive team ever assembled at the time. No one expected them to beat the Rams and they shocked the world. Then they later went on to win two more Super Bowls and became one of the most hated sports franchises ever. People thought that were too cocky, too nonchalant, and even cheaters. Later, after two crushing loses to the Giants, everyone was done with them.

Here comes Super Bowl XLIX in 2014 and the majority of non-affiliated fans rooted for the Seahawks. And even after an amazing victory, the demons of Deflategate still terrorized them. (Their equipment managers had the best self-storage in the league.) Would the Patriots ever truly be respected for who they are? After 4 championships and cementing himself as one of the best quarterbacks of All-Time, Tom Brady was considered a clown. He could have quit the game and been done with it all but the 6th-Round of pick out of Michigan wasn’t satisfied. After being suspended for the first 4 games of the season and watching his teammates play without him, a fire was lit under his belly. He simply shed off the haters and had a MVP-worthy season.

Then came February 6th, 2017. After the first half of the game, it seemed like the Falcons were going to run away with the trophy. Brady looked flat out depressed, overmatched, and defeated. The young Falcons were flying all over the place and the Patriots looked ready to put their season in storage.

But, what Brady and Belichick are best at are adjustments and that’s exactly what they did during halftime. Even though it seemed as though it was going to be a party in Atlanta, Brady the G.O.A.T. has one last word to say. Tom came out firing and after tying the game at 28, every fan in the world knew that they were watching history.

Even though it looked as though the Patriots were done for, I knew that they were going to come back. Why? Because of two words: Tom Brady. Yes, the defense played exceptional as well in the second half, but it was because they knew who they had slinging the ball.

Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.

(photo by D. Thomas, Flickr)

Yes, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw were 4-0 in the Super Bowl and keep their homes nice and tidy with self-storage, but you can’t deny the greatness of #12 from San Mateo, California. I’ve never seen anyone accomplish so much and yet STILL be doubted. It is very important to point out that he’s barely had any help from his offensive teammates throughout his career. Montana had Jerry Rice, Bradshaw had Lynn Swann, and Aikman had Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith. Yes, Brady had Randy Moss for a few years but it was Tom who made him better. Randy had been coming of a bad stint in Oakland and needed the Patriots more than they needed him, and they didn’t even win a Super Bowl together. When Brady has won, he’s done it with mediocre receivers who end up having their best career years when they’re on the Patriots. For example, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Deion Branch, and Malcolm Mitchell. Not to mention, he’s never had a true playmaker at running back. Wes Welker had some decent years for the Broncos and Dolphins, but it was Brady the G.O.A.T. who made him who he was.

The best of the best are those who make everyone else around them better, no matter the circumstances. Players from all over the league want to play with the Patriots because they know that they’ll become the best version of themselves and have an opportunity to win it all. He leads NFL history in most wins, passing yards, completions, and touchdowns in both the Playoffs AND the Super Bowl. He simply does it all when it matters the most. I tip the hat to you, Tom Brady the G.O.A.T., thanks for an epic night, and career.

P.S. He’s nowhere near finished.

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