Telluride SSA Ski Workshop – Don’t Forget These 5 Things


Get ready to hit the slopes! With 48’ of snow and powdery conditions, Telluride, CO is already a ski-fanatics dream! What perfect timing for the upcoming Telluride SSA Ski Workshop. Thanks to the Self Storage Association for hosting this great workshop at such an awesome location. However in all this excitement I had to take a moment to pause and remember to bring everything I need to have an awesome trip. So I put together this list of 5 things you might have forgotten to pack for the Telluride SSA Ski Workshop!ski

  1. Yoga Mats

Okay so number 5 may not be applicable to everyone, but I’m very excited there is a Yoga and Stress Reduction section every morning. It is at 6:30am every morning, which maybe a little bit early after a day filled with skiing and self-storage talk, but a very cool addition to the workshop. Namaste to the SSA for considering our inner peace and giving us a chance to stretch our hamstrings.

  1. Shapr Networking App

These self-storage conferences can be hectic and sometimes important networking connections can be lost in the snow. Shapr is an app that was designed to streamline your networking efforts. With features that help you keep all your new business buddies organized, and even has features which help you stay connected with the contacts that are more important to you. Very cool new app indeed.

  1. E3 Live

I don’t know about you but skiing, yoga, listening to talks, and networking can take a toll on my energy levels! Enter E3 Live, a blue green algae which is the most nutrient dense food ever discovered! It contains a large diversity and amounts of trace minerals and all kinds of healthy goop. I like to take it for optimal brain function, when I know I have a lot of things to do!

  1. Sleep Mask

Scientist have found that sleeping in complete dark allows the body to reach deeper levels of sleep. This is really important for allowing your cortisol levels to decrease as you sleep and probably some other biological stuff that happens I should’ve remembered from school. An easy solution to this is bringing a sleep mask, and you can catch some good old fashion shut eye.

  1. Suntan Lotion

The last item of our list may not seem like it belongs. It’s important to have the suntan lotion to protect you face on the slopes. The sunlight, even through overcast conditions, can sun burn the exposed skin on your face. Although it is very amusing for you coworkers to see the suntan lines formed by your goggles, it’s probably better for your skin health to use your suntan lotion!

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