What is the Most Anticipated TV Show of 2017?

Which TV show are you looking forward to the most in 2017? Here are 6 that I personally can’t wait for, and all but one are in their first season:

Taboo (Jan.7, FX)


Tom Hardy stars as James Keziah Delaney who comes back to Britain from Africa to avenge the death of his Father. Hardy created the miniseries with the help of his dad Chip and Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders). Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator) is also an Executive Producer. Delaney (Hardy), a shipping heir once thought to be dead, is not the same man as when he left Britain and now is almost unrecognizable. After inheriting his Father’s fortune, he makes many adversaries after declining to sell the business to the East India Trading Company, and unearths some dark truths about his family along the way. Here’s a recent article about the tv show.


The Detroiters (Feb. 7, Comedy Central)

Executive Producers Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) and Jason Sudeikis come together for this comedy about two ad-men who make cheap commercials in downtown Detroit. They love their life and city but have something bigger in mind. There are a ton of hilarious guest features including Michael Che, Keegan-Michael Key, and even Sudeikis himself who plays an executive for Chrysler. This is a must-watch for any Saturday Night Live fan. Check out the official website of the tv show here.


The Young Pope (Jan.15, HBO)


Jude Law stars as the first ever American to be the head of the Catholic Church, and is a “hip” pope who chain-smokes cigarettes and drinks cherry coke zero for breakfast. The Pope duels with the Cardinal who had originally planned to strong-arm him from behind the throne, but after failing to do so, now resorts to unveil dark truths from his youth as an orphan. Diane Keaton stars as a hot-blooded Nun who had taken care of the pontiff while he was a child with no parents. This thriller will be Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino’s first experiment with a TV show. It was just aired in Europe with great reviews and has already been green lighted for a second season. I wonder what the Young Pope keeps in self-storage?!? You can check out the tv show’s official website here.


The Son (Spring, AMC)

From the same network that brought you Mad Men and Breaking Bad, new western-tv show The Son features Pierce Brosnan as an oil-entrepreneur in lawless Texas and might be AMC’s next big hit. Based on the Pulitzer Prize nominated novel by Phillip Meyer, the story shadows the descendants of Eli McCullough (Brosnan) as it bounces around different time periods, with the rise and fall of his oil-empire. Henry Garrett stars as Eli’s son Peter and Sydney Lucas as his granddaughter Jeannie. If you love a lot of tension and drama, than this one’s for you. You can check out the official website here.


The Path (Jan. 25, Hulu)


The only TV show on this list that isn’t in its first season, The Path depicts a modern-day cult based in upstate New York. The members, whom include actor Aaron Paul as Eddie, follow a fictional religion called Meyerism. Their founder, Doctor Steven Meyer, wrote a book called The Ladder and it consists of various rungs within it that members try to climb in order to reach a certain level of status. Not all is perfect within the cult, which leads to fascinating drama and action. Other stars of the show include Michelle Monaghan and Hugh Dancy who are also members of the religious group. I was very surprised that the show’s premier season did not receive much press, but I highly recommend catching up on it before January 25thHere’s an interesting article relating the tv show to real life.


The Deuce (TBD, HBO)

Taking place amidst the1970s New York porn industry, James Franco stars in two roles as twin brothers who are fronts for the mob. With David Simon (creator of The Wire) at the helm, it will be much more than a show that’s only popular because of sex scenes. Maggie Gyllenhal stars as a former prostitute who tries to make it in the industry. With such an interesting setting, it’ll be interesting to see how far Simon goes in unchartered waters. Here’s a recent article about the tv show.

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