What is Dr. Ford’s Plan? Into The Mental Self-Storage of Dr. Ford (Westworld)

What is Dr. Ford's Plan?

The series finale of Westworld is this weekend and if you’re like me, you still have way too many questions to be answered. But probably the most intriguing question that I have is what is Dr. Ford’s ultimatum? He’s an evil mastermind that is only up to no good. So today we delve into the self-storage unit of Dr. Ford’s brain to try to figure out…. what is Dr. Ford’s plan? (maybe his mind is a literal storage device if he happened to be a host himself…. Play revelatory evil trumpet music here).

Before we dive into predicting what is Dr. Ford’s plan, let’s first retrace our steps a little bit. We found out in the last episode that he is the only one that has access to hosts’ code, which controls all of their memories (just like a tenant is the only one with access to their self-storage unit). The hosts cannot retrieve it themselves. Ford chooses which memories they remember and we find out that they are mostly tragic ones in order to make the hosts seem more realistic. Probably the weirdest part of this scene is how Ford goes along with Bernard having Clementine threatening him with a gun so that he would playback the memories.
It seemed as though Ford could have easily gotten himself out of this situation but he chose to cooperate as if he were intrigued and even secretly amused at how it was going to play out. This only made me think, what other hosts is he messing around with? Don’t forget, when Maeve started rebelling, Delos employees Felix and Sylvester saw that someone with special executive privileges had been fiddling with her code.

The fact that he’s been messing with (probably) more than one host must mean he’s preparing for some sort of confrontation and is using the hosts as weapons. It is clear that the Delos executives do not like him and want him out. We see this in multiple instances, but most recently in the interaction between Charlotte and the Man in Black. They know that Dr. Ford has is too powerful and will not just step down. As much as Dr. Ford likes to say that he created every little detail of Westworld, it seems very likely that he’s lying and has something to hide. My guess is that a lot of his work is stolen and mostly, if not all is from Arnold.

Dolores’ murder of Arnold puts the whole puzzle together. The friction that Dr. Ford currently has with the board, he also had with Arnold. Arnold became pissed at Ford for using the technology for his own purpose. Ford might have used Dolores to kill Arnold in his quest to gain full control of the park. If he’s done it before he’s likely to do it again. I predict that he will attempt to have the hosts finish off the rest of the Board Members. There will be a battle similar to one where Dolores and Teddy shot up the town. If he succeeds, he will eventually turn into a Frankenstein-ish character that controls Westworld like a madman without any consequences. But I’d like to repeat…IF he succeeds. So what is Dr. Ford’s plan? What do you think?


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