Holiday Party-ing with the Storitz Team

holiday party

Last week the Storitz Team, in collaboration with our Comstock Realty partners, rang in the last month of the year with our annual Holiday Party. Located right here at our LA office, the celebration was filled with laughter, holiday cheer and competitive spirit. We began the festivities by satisfying our hunger with various nourishments and treats from local neighborhood café, Clementine Bakery. After fulfilling our stomach’s desires, the Storitz and Comstock Realty employees prepared for a gingerbread competition that would be judged by our CEO. It was an entertaining affair as light-hearted, relentless banter from both sides persisted throughout the competition. In the end, the Comstock Team pulled out on top with their rendition of a Winter Wonderland Chapel. Relive our Holiday Party celebration below.

Our buddy Frosty the Snowman made sure everyone remained in the holiday spirit, just look at his contagious smile!

Designing and adding decorations to gingerbread men isn’t as easy as those F Food Network shows make it out to be… as the Storitz Team learned (the hard way).

Here’s a closer look at the Storitz Team’s finished product. After their watery frosting mishap, the team decided to run with “tech-savvy” designs (aka computer graphic print-outs). Of course, the lovely gingerbread men from above still found their place spread across the lawn (and on the roof!) of the home.

While the Storitz Team fought hard, the Comstock Team exceeded expectations with their Winter Wonderland Chapel. If you look closely, you’ll notice the marshmallow snow falling atop the roof. Winter Wonderland, indeed!

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