10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Rogue One: A Star-Wars Story.

Jyn Erso From Rogue One

  1. Australia and New Zealand are HUGE fans. They have the most online searches of any region outside of the US, UK and Canada. Some of the filming locations included the Maldives, Iceland, Jordan, and Canary Wharf underground train station in London.
Visual Representation For Search Traffic About Rogue One From Google Trends

Visual Representation For Search Traffic About Rogue One From Google Trends

  1. The moon Jedha is inspired by the religious cities Mecca and Jerusalem. Jedha has a lot of similarities to Middle Eastern aesthetic with its slender market streets and Ottoman-styles architecture.
  1. There are only four returning characters from the other Star Wars movies. Mon Mothma and Bail Organa are back as the leaders of the Rebellion. Saw Gerrera makes the crossover from the animated series The Clone Wars where he was a Rebel Soldier. And last but not least, everyone’s favorite villain Darth Vader has a few cameos (glad to see they pulled him out of storage).
  1. Gareth Edwards the Director has a costumed cameo. The Director and Producer of the upcoming Episode VIII, Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman respectively, also have cameos in Rogue One as Death Star technicians.
  1. Alan Tudyk had to use prosthetic limbs to play the lead droid K-2SO, which is 7’1” tall. Also known as “Kaytoo” for short, the droid was created and used by the Imperial Empire before being seized and reprogrammed by Rebel Captain Cassian Andor and now serves the Alliance. Here’s an interesting article about how Tudyk was casted for the part.
  1. John Williams didn’t write the score (the first Star Wars without him) but composer Michael Giacchino integrated his themes. John Williams is a big self-storage guy FYI.
  1. The fan favorite Bantha Milk makes an appearance. This mysterious blue milk first appeared to us in, A New Hope as a favorite of Luke Skywalker when he was growing up on Tatooine. It was known to be “very rich, refreshing, and sweet”. A fan made a satire based off it and it won Best Parody at the 2006 Star Wars Fan Films.
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  1. The title Rogue One has a couple different meanings. The main character Jyn is a pretty big Rogue herself, as she was under the arrest of the Rebels until freed so she began the Death Star mission. The fact that the movie is a spinoff and different from the Star Wars episodes makes it Rogue as well. Lastly but more obvious, it is also a military call sign used for when the rebels fly out on their X-wings. It was first referenced for the same reason in Episode V. Another title that was tried out was “Dark Times”.
  1. Jyn is (most likely) not Rey’s mother. There were a lot of rumors circling around when Felicity Jones was casted as Jyn and her resemblance to Rey from Episode VII. Also, the timing aligns nicely as Rey is 19 in The Force Awakens, which takes place 35 years after Rogue One, where Jyn is supposedly is about 21. However, actor Daisey Ridley who plays Rey, quickly shot down the rumors in a MTV interview where she stated that she knows whom her parents are. She also went on to say that she likes Rey a lot because of the fact that she came from nowhere. It’s hard for any Star Wars fan to give up on this theory, but it just probably isn’t true.
  1. The very widely-known Star Wars Ring Theory lives on. A copywriter named Mike Klimo put together a essay that the first 6 Star Wars movies follow a ring-like pattern where there are similarities in the beginning and end. Episodes I & VI, II & V, and III & IV show these certain resemblances between them. George Lucas first hinted at it in an interview back in 2005, which started the speculation. There is at least one sign in Rogue One that relates to A New Hope. The beginning of the spinoff opens with a white dressed Orson Krennic surrounded by black suited death troopers while Episode IV begins with a black dressed Darth Vader surrounded by white suited storm troopers. This article goes more in depth about the theory.

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