Need Storage for Boats? Know Your Options!

Ahh December, December. Some love the holiday cheer, while others would rather just hibernate. For our boat enthusiasts out there, this means it’s almost time to bring down the sails and start thinking about where you’re going to store your precious baby throughout the chilly months. Just like any other beloved cargo, you’ll want to make sure it’s stored in the upmost perfect condition so you don’t have to think twice-about it while you’re forced to hang out with your extended family. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little tugboat or a cruise ship, discovering the proper storage for boats can be a handful. There are several options and each has its advantages and disadvantages.


Being able to keep it at a marina is convenient but it isn’t the best option. You never know who is walking around the property at night while you’re gone, a lot of times isn’t fully protected from the weather, and underwater creatures and bacteria can destroy your boat. Not to mention it is rather expensive. It costs even more to keep it in a dry rack stacked with other boats and it is a huge hassle if you ever need to enter it, as you’ll have to notify whoever is looking out the building.


Even if you’re lucky enough to be able to fit it in your driveway, it could still very well get damaged. Outside elements are the biggest factor, but there are numerous other problems that may arise including neighbors, animals, and getting a proper cover. You just truly don’t have any security whatsoever and for most people, that just simply isn’t a risk they’re willing to take, making it not the best storage for boats. If you put it in a garage, it can’t get stolen but it is still susceptible to little critters and that extra space where you were planning on putting a pool table is gone.


As a result, looking into acquiring a unit for storage for boats is probably your best option. It is protected from the weather and animals, but most importantly you can access it anywhere and at any time of day. You can also add increased security such as railings along the outside, video surveillance, and electronic entry. This situation is also the best for those looking for storage for boats for a small period of time and not for the entire Winter.


It may not seem like a complicated process, but not all units are the same for storage for boats, believe it or not! You’ll want to be sure you find the right one that you can trust. The last thing anyone wants is to come back in the Spring and find their boat trashed. Stay safe and happy sailing!

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