8 Great Uses for a Self-Storage Unit


8 Great Uses For A Self-Storage Unit

When you think about how you might use a self-storage unit, what comes to mind first? You probably picture a garage where you can toss all your seasonal items or collectibles to save room at home. While that is a good reason to rent a storage unit, it’s not all self-storage is good for. It’s time to reevaluate the possibilities. Start by considering these eight other effective uses for a self-storage unit.

1.    Storing Business Inventory

If you own a small business, then you understand the struggle in finding the space to keep inventory. Or perhaps you’ve thought about starting a business out of the home but have held back because of lack of space. A self-storage unit offers a solution for both growing businesses and first-time small business owners.

With a self-storage unit for commercial use, you can store files, tools, business records, retail inventory, and more. It’s a simple solution to decluttering, and it’s much cheaper than renting a commercial space or moving to a bigger building. There’s also more flexibility with self-storage since the leases are shorter than when renting a warehouse or office. If you do need to move buildings to keep up with your growing business, then a self-storage unit can help house inventory while you’re making the move.

When searching for a storage facility for your business, consider those that offer climate-controlled units so you don’t risk inventory damage from the freezing cold or the humidity.

2.    Storing Keepsakes While You Travel

If you’ve ever thought of traveling the world but never took the leap because you didn’t know what to do with all your stuff while you were gone, self-storage may be the answer. Many people opt for self-storage when traveling for long periods of time because it ensures their belongings will be kept safe through virtually no maintenance; you just have to pay the rental fees on time.

Plus, it’s a much cheaper solution than continuing to pay rent on an apartment you won’t even be living in while you’re traveling. With tons of size options for self-storage, you can choose the unit suited for you, whether you need to store just a few items while you’re gone or you want to keep your car, furniture, and other belongings safe before you return.

3.    Downsizing

Many people consider downsizing but never go through with it because they don’t want to get rid of their belongings. Self-storage helps you simplify your life without giving up the things you love most. Use your storage unit to store seasonal items or collectables you don’t want to part with—anything you won’t be using on a daily basis. One perk of doing it this way is that the cost of your new home or apartment plus the cost to rent a storage unit will likely end up less than what you were paying before on a bigger property.

4.    Renovating

Self-storage offers a short-term solution during your renovation project. If you’ve been putting off remodeling your home because you don’t know where to go with your stuff, take the non-essentials to a storage unit while your contractor is working on renovating your living room or kitchen. Rental terms can be as short as a month at a time, so self-storage is a great solution for short-term projects like this.

5.    Hiding Christmas Gifts

Self-storage is great for storing seasonal items like Christmas decorations, but another creative use for your unit is hiding Christmas gifts inside. This is a perfect solution when you have kids who like to snoop around. Not only does it keep the presents from prying eyes, but it helps save space around the home during the holidays when space is already limited thanks to the tree and other decorations.

The good news is that you can rent most storage units for a short term, which means you could rent one only for the month of December to enjoy the convenience of this sneaky hack. Look for a unit that has strong security, is climate controlled, and is close to home—preferably between home and shopping!

6.    Transitioning in College

One of the downsides of living in a college dorm is that you’re typically forced out of it during winter and summer breaks. This may be the most educational of the uses for A self-storage unit. While many college students move their belongings back home during this time, others might live too far away from home or simply not have the convenience to go somewhere with their belongings. Help your son or daughter out by finding a storage unit near their dorms to keep their non-essentials between terms. That makes it much easier on all of you on move-in day every fall, especially if you don’t live near campus.

7.    Storing Over the Winter

Even though you might have the space at home to store certain items over winter, that doesn’t mean it’s the ideal space to leave them. If you live in an area that reaches freezing temperatures, keeping your lawn mower, vehicle, or other unused equipment outside can cause costly damage. To save money and keep your equipment lasting longer, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit for these items during chilly months.

8.    Creating a Hobby Space

While you can’t live in your storage unit, the possibilities aside from that are practically endless. This may bring the most fulfillment out of our list of uses for a self-storage unit. For many artists, using a self-storage unit to pursue their hobbies or work is very much a reality. Use it to store craft supplies or artwork you can’t part with, or set it up as your very own art or craft studio. It’s a quiet place that’s easy to get away to, has plenty of room to work in, and will ensure your creations remain safe. Just make sure to choose a climate-controlled facility so your creations don’t get damaged from the temperatures.

Though many people use self-storage units as an extension of their home’s closets and garage, the possibilities go far beyond that. With these eight suggestions in mind, you should have a starting place for creative ideas on how to use your storage unit.

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