Self-Storage and Online Marketing


Being an Online Marketer, one of the more interesting aspects is the relationship between online presentation and customer behavior online. In many ways I find it similar to behavioral economics, which studies the connections between psychology, sociological factors, and economic factors which impacts the economy. A simple example of this in action is showing an identical webpage with a different word on the call to action button. I initially was surprised that just that change of a word could have a significant impact on the percentage of people who would decide to move forward with that call to action or not! Imagine the impact that videos, or images, or colors can have on how people behave. I wanted to take the time today to go over a few websites in my industry (self-storage) and see the different ideas people implemented on their pages.

Devon Self Storage operates self-storage facilities in 15 different states, and is one of the premier self-storage providers in the industry. One of my favorite aspects of their website is that it is fully responsive. A responsive website is designed in such a way that the elements of the website dynamically reposition and resize. This is useful because the website can maintain a certain aesthetic that remains true to the branding, while having a fully functional website on any sized monitor. This is especially important in todays environment, because nearly have of online traffic is accessed through mobile devices such as cell phone. Devon’s website looks great and has a great user-interface on the phone and on the desktop browser.

Extra Space is a large self-storage company that owns many facilities in many different states. One of the challenges they might have on their homepage is that customers can be from many different areas, and they should be quickly directed to the appropriate region. They handle this very well by putting a very visible search bar with a bright orange button, which makes it very clear that you will be searching for your facility by geography. Another nice touch they put was the picture on the homepage. Making a good first impression for your company brand is important, considering the fact that online shoppers have easy access to many different options. The first picture shows smiling people, one person which looks like an ideal customer, and the other who might be an extremely friendly employee. I think this already sub communicates a good relationship between the company and its customers.

Storitz, otherwise known as us, has done some interesting things to assist customers on our website. One interesting aspect was providing an easily accessible storage glossary on many of the pages. With years in the self-storage industry, we realized that often times clients can be confused by the industry jargon. Self-storage tends to be purchased by a client only when a situation in a clients life arises that makes self-storage a necessity. Hence people are usually not an expert about the various attributes a self-storage unit may have, and how these feature could benefit them. So we included a glossary with commonly used lexicon in our industry, which is not overbearing on the page, but easily accessible to someone who might be perplexed.

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