75 Moving Tips – Preparing, Packing, and Beyond


Moving can be a stressful and confusing ordeal. We have scoured the internet high and low, and here are 75 moving tips that can help make the transition to your new home as painless as possible. Now 75 moving tips can be overwhelming in itself, so they have been organized from by the planning phase of the move, the packing phase, and the last few things you need to do after you’ve moved into your house. Good luck on your journey!

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Planning Phase
Packing Phase
Moving Phase

Moving Tips for the Planning Phase


1. Time Management Is Your Friend

Don’t wait till the last second to start packing your things. Set a quota of boxes to pack per day to help you get a head start. It’ll save you stress and even help you organize the whole move. Start early to start planning out things you need to arrange ahead of time like changing your mailing address or transferring utilities.

2. Make Sure You Get Your Mail

Filling out a “change of address” form at your local post office 2-3 weeks before your move. You don’t want people getting a copy of your electric bill… or do you?

3. You Have The Power!

Give your local utility company a call 2 weeks before your move. Have them schedule your power to be shut off a day after the move, and to turn the power on at your new days a couple days before you move in.

4. Contact The Schools

Contact your children’s school at least a few months in advanced and let them know about the move. The districts need to transfer all the relevant information.

5. Use Lists to Help You Organize

Create to do lists for the packing phase, moving phase, and unpacking phase. By organizing your itinerary in a linear way you can reserve your mental energy for executing your plan.

6. Free Boxes!

Buying brand new boxes can end up being pretty expensive. A good place to find boxes are furniture stores. They often have boxes of many different sizes. Give them a call ahead of time to find a good day to stop by when they are throwing away all their unused boxes.

7. Eco Friendly Box Alternatives


Image Courtesy of Rent a Green Box

There are some companies that provide a plastic box rental service. You can use the plastic storage containers instead of boxes and just return them when you are done. This may be more affordable than just buying boxes. If you’re in California check out this company here.

Rent a Greenbox




8. Make Your Own Box Handles

Moving Tips About Box Handles

Heavy boxes can be awkward to handle and move. Simply cut a triangle shaped handle into the sides of the box. Slice two slits pointing down, as the the two legs of the triangle, and simply fold it into the box to make the handle.

9. Defrost Your Refrigerator

Defrost and dry your refrigerator 24-48 hours before moving. Ice frozen onto the side of your refrigerator and freezer will need to time to melt. If the moisture is not removed before the move, there could potentially be some mold and a big mess!

10. Surpress Your Inner Hoarder

Donate and dispose of everything you don’t use. Moving is a great chance to find that old top hat you wore at that Halloween party in 2007, and donate it to the Goodwill. You know you’ll never wear that hat again.

11. Get Paid While You Move

Utilize Craigslist, Ebay, and garage sales to sell some of your old items. Might as well cash in one your old values that you might not use anymore, and make it easier for you to move your stuff.

12. Hire A Moving Company In Advanced

Make sure to research and hire a moving company six weeks in advanced. You don’t want to leave this to the last minute, to make sure you find a trustworthy company.

13. Life Is All About Timing

If you are planning to hire professional movers assist you be aware that service tends to be more expensive during the beginning and end of the month. Most people make their move around this time. Try to schedule the move around the middle of the month in order to save some of your hard earned money.

14. Coordinate With Colors


Original Image The Undone Blog

Color code your boxes with colored duct tape. You can mark each box so you can tell where each box is supposed to go with a quick glance. Coordinate a specific color to different areas of the house like the kitchen and bedroom.

15. Doggy’s Day Off

Some pets maybe sensitive to all the commotion caused by the move. Have a friend watch your pets during the move so they can avoid unnecessary stress.

16. Wine Cases Are Great For Your Glassware


Original Image Listotic

Take a trip to a nearby restaurant or bar and ask for a wine box case! These are perfect for organizing and protecting glass cups during your move.

17. Insure Your Belongings

Ask your moving company or even your current insurance provider about movers insurance. This way you can be compensated if anything happens to any of your valuables.

18. The Key To Success Is Planning!

Look up a reputable locksmith in your new neighborhood and schedule them to change your locks on moving day. Home security should be a top priority.

19. Take Before And After Pictures

When you’re renting apartments, it will be beneficial to take pictures of your apartment before you move all your stuff in, and after you move all your stuff out. This will help in case you ever have a discrepancy with your landlord regarding your deposit.

20. Fix Up The New Place Early

You might want to do a little remodeling in your new place, such as replacing flooring, painting your walls, or any other improvements before you move everything in. Doing this will make the remodeling easier, and save you the effort of having to move all your furniture out of the room and back in later. Schedule the painters or remodelers to have their work done a few days before your move in, to have enough time to complete the project and not conflict with the moving.

21. Hello Dolly


Invest in some moving tools such as a dolly or a hand truck. You might be surprised by the size of objects one person can carry with a dolly. Very surprised.

22. Pack First Ask Questions Last

I unfortunately had to deal with this issue first hand. Don’t invite your friends to help you move until you have all your things packed first. Having to wait around with nothing to do can be extremely inconvenient, especially when moving is already stressful for everyone involved. Maybe this has more in common with etiquette than the rest of our moving tips, it is also related to tip #70.

23. Call The Reinforcements

Trying to donate items but can’t find the time to make it to the Goodwill? Make it easy on yourself and schedule a charitable organization to come and pick it up for you. Schedule them in a week or two before the move day, and voila, good karma delivered to your door.

24. Welcome To The Future

There are mobile apps available that assist you in organizing your move! If you are tech savvy you might want to check out some of these apps, which allow you to create checklists and assist you in organizing your belongings.

25. Call A Professional

Did you read first section of our moving tips and are you still freaking out? If so you might need to call a moving consultant. Just like a wedding planner or a travel agent, they can help you organize all the nitty gritty details to make the move run nice and smooth.

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Moving Tips for the Packing Phase

Moving Tips For The Packing Phase

26. Mobile Moving Supply Basket

Put together a moving supplies basket. The basket will contain all the tools you have to use often during the process of the move. Having all these items such as tape, scissors, markers, a knife, and anything else you may need can make your moving efforts much easier.

27.  Don’t Let A Screw Loose

When taking apart furniture for a move, it is very common to misplace screws and bolts that belong to your furniture. Avoid this common pitfall by using packing tape to tape your hardware right near the corresponding place on your furniture. Larger pieces of hardware might can be placed in a ziplock before taping it up. Never again repeat the phrase, “Why is there a hole for a screw with no screw?”

28. Fill Up Holes In Your Wall

Filling up holes you made in your wall from hanging picture frames and posters is really easy. Just purchase some joint compound from any hardware store, and easily fill any hole you may have. Some people would recommend using soap, but this is not a great solution for the person trying to paint the wall later.

29. Filler Up!

Boxes that aren’t filled to the top are more susceptible to damage when stacking other boxes on top of them. Make sure to fill the boxes to the brim to protect your belongings better.

30. Let The Records Stand Tall


Do you have a great LP collection? Fleetwood Mac? Grateful Dead? Make sure to stack the records vertically, because stacking them horizontally can cause the records to warp and be damaged. You want to have undamaged records, so you can keep them groovy.

31. Stack Your Plates Standing Up

Use a towel to wrap your plates before placing them in a box. However make sure that the plates are stacked so they are standing up on their side. If you have them stacked on top of each other, it will make them more susceptible to breaking if there is a bump in the moving truck. It is the same idea as the records from the previous moving tip, and the same as the very next one.

32. Plasma TVs Don’t Lie Down

Avoid putting plasma TVs on their backs at all times. The glass on the screen is very heavy, and the smallest bump can cause the screen to crack if it is laid down sideways. Make sure you pack the TV upright just like records and plates. See the previous 2 moving tips.

33. Seal Your Liquid Supplies

The last thing you want is to unpack a box or bag to find that everything has been squirted with shampoo. Take the time to seal your liquid products inside plastic bags to prevent damaging the other items.

34. Use Cotton Balls To Protect Powdered Cosmetics

Use a cotton pad inside your powdered cosmetics case, or a cotton ball inside your eye shadow. This will give them extra support, and help to prevent them from shattering during the trip.


Original Image Miss Nattys Beauty Diary

35. Vacuum Seal Out Of Season Clothing

It’s a great way to save some space, and help store seasonal clothes for later use. Plus its fun to watch the clothes squish down to such a tiny size! Moving tips can be so much fun!

36. Don’t Blow Everyone Up

This may seem like common sense now, but people often forget to throw away flammable materials before the move. In some states it is be illegal to have movers transport certain materials. Make sure to dispose of explosive liquids before making your move. It wouldn’t be a great list of moving tips if we didn’t include some safety tips!

37. A Picture Says 1,000 Power Cords…

Original Image Popular Mechanics

Take a photo of your electronic cables before you pack them. This will make it much easier to set them up again when you unpack them.

38. No Explosive Lawnmowers Please

Many people forget about the fact that their lawnmowers may still be full of gasoline. It is much safer to remove the gasoline before packing it onto a moving truck, so make sure you drain it out.

39. Mummify Your Belongings with Plastic Wrap

Original Image Pinterest

Original Image Pinterest

Utilize plastic wrap to keep items organized and in place. You can wrap drawers to make sure they don’t open during the move, or to make sure that small items like silverware and jewelry remain in their proper containers. Those small items love going for an adventure during bumpy car rides.

40. Hanging Clothes Go In The Garbage Bags… I’m serious

Use garbage bags to keep your hanging clothes together. This is an easy way to organize your clothes, minimize wrinkles, and keep all your clothes in order.

Original Photo: The Wicker House

Original Photo: The Wicker House

41. Multi-Purpose Teddy Bears

Maybe the cutest of all the moving tips. Use stuffed animals, pillows, towels and other soft items inside a trash bag and you can use that as padding for other fragile items. This can help you save space as well as save money on other materials for padding.

42. Brown Bag Your Cups

The standard brown paper bag is actually perfect for wrapping up cups and and small bowls. Many people use newspapers to the do the same thing, which is great as well. But the paper bag doesn’t have ink that can smudge on the dishes as well.

43. Use Extra Sheets To Protect Your Mattress

If you happen to have extra sheets and blankets in your house you can use them to protect your mattress. Just place it on the bottom of the mattress to protect it from damage and dirt.

44.  Use An Extra Box For Protection

If you have some fragile items or if the contents of a box are very heavy, try using two boxes for added protection. Taking a little extra precaution can be worth it for valuable possessions.

45.  Use Labels To Pack Seasonal Belongings

Take the move as an opportunity to sort seasonal items that are only used once a year into clearly marked bins. This will make organizing much easier after you get to your new home, and you can find your Darth Vader mask for Halloween.

46. Piano Mover Man

Original Image: 32 Turns

Original Image: 32 Turns

If you have a stand up piano you might want to try this method. You can make handles to make the piano less awkward to carry, with just a few two by fours. Click on the image above to link to a great tutorial on how to make this carrying tool!

47. Keep Lightweight Items In Their Drawers

Sometimes lightweight items are better left in the drawers, where they belong. It doesn’t make much sense to add more work by taking them out and sorting them in extra boxes. Tape the drawers shut or plastic wrap them as in moving tip #39.

48. Big In Small, Small In Big

This moving tip may seem counter-intuitive but give it a chance. Place big items in small boxes, and the small items in the large boxes. This will make carrying the boxes around much easier and reduce the chances of a box breaking. Your back will thank you later. This tip is very related to the next moving tip.

49. Don’t Be A Macho Man/Woman

Try to keep your boxes under 40 pounds of weight maximum. This can really speed up the move, and limit the potential for any injuries. Packing the boxes too heavy can also break the box as well.

50. Don’t Be Shy With The Tape

Make sure that your boxes don’t break by using your packing tape in an effective way. The “H” shape method is really great, and this video shows some great tips on how to make sure your belongings are secure. Multi-media moving tips warning!

51. Don’t Lock Yourself Out! Moving Hack or Moving Tip?

Original Photo: Instructables

Original Photo: Instructables

During the hustle and bustle of your move it could be possible to lock yourself out of your house by accident. You can prevent this by using a simple rubber band. Wrap one door knob, twist the rubber band once, and then wrap the other door knob with the other side. The rubber band will hold the spring latch in place so the door can’t close. Now you don’t have to climb through a window!

52. Repurpose Foam Plates

Stack foam plates in between your plates to protect them during the move. They are already perfectly shaped and it is a very inexpensive option.

53. The Jewelry Or The Egg?

Original Photo: Authentic Simplicity

Original Photo: Authentic Simplicity

Use egg cartons to pack your jewelry. The cartons are divided and just waiting to organize small items like your jewelry. You might consider taping the carton closed after packing it as well.

54. Use Luggage With Wheels

Try to pack your heavy items like books into luggage that have wheels. It will make it much easier to move the items around, it’s like a makeshift dolly. No need to re-invent the wheel with this collection of moving tips!

55. Prioritize Your Priorities

Can important items be mistaken for trash and thrown away if they are all packed up in boxes and on the moving truck? This is the first question asked by Socrates in Plato’s Theaetetus. We think it’s a good idea though to make sure your valuable objects get packed up first, in order to lower the chance that they might be mistaken for as trash.

56. What’s A Wardrobe Box?

If you are using professional movers you can ask them if they have a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are specially sized and have a bar attached to the middle. Instead of folding up your clothes, they can just hang them in the wardrobe box on hangers! Save time on packing and having to iron your clothes later.

57.  Dispose Your Paint Safely

If you have some left over paint from before or after the move, you may wonder how to dispose of it properly. If you have latex based paint, you can combine it with cat litter which will make it safer to dispose of. Oil based paints must be disposed of at a recycling center, so it’s time to consult with google. With so many moving tips, we have some related ones, check out #36.

58. Moving Oil Paintings

Starry Night

Oil Paintings can be very valuable and also easily damaged, what a perfect combination! Make sure your hands are clean before you handle your paintings to prevent damage. Purchase some acid free packing/tissue paper and make sure the painting is covered before bubble wrapping and packing your painting in a box. At Storitz our moving tips have some class!

59.  I Can See Clearly Now

Pack items that you may need to use right away, such as duct tape, paper towels, eating utensils, toilet paper, phone chargers inside a clear plastic bin. You’ll be able to look inside easily to find what you need, and it will be easy to differentiate from all the other cardboard boxes.

60. Put Electronics Where They Belong

Try to pack your electronics into the original manufacturers boxes. Chances are the electronics are going to be safest inside their original packaging, so try this option if you had saved all those boxes.

61. Mattress Box… What’s That?

If you have an expensive mattress you might consider purchasing a mattress box. Mattress boxes are specifically sized to fit your mattress, so be sure to pick the one that’s appropriated for you. These boxes can be pricey, but it might be worth it to provide some extra protection.

62. Use Greyhound For Shipping

Did you know that Greyhound has a shipping service as well? You might want to consider this option because it is a very affordable option.

Moving Tips For The Moving and Post-Move Phase

Moving Tips For Moving Phase

63. Take A Pre-Trip

Take a trip and move everything you can fit into your car first. If you live close enough to your new location to drive, take smaller items and basic necessities like toiletries and night time clothes.

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64. Survey The Battlefield

Here’s a tip that everyone can utilize. Before packing your moving truck, lie out all the packed boxes and items to be moved near the truck, on a drive way or the front lawn. Being able to see all the items near the truck will give you a better idea about a good strategy to pack your moving truck the best possible way.

65. Pack Like The Pros

Original Photo: My Move

Original Photo: My Move

Here’s a little diagram that might give you some ideas on the most efficient way to pack your moving truck. Might as well copy the professionals.

66. Bust Out Your Old Tetris Skills

Is That Supposed To Go There?

Is That Supposed To Go There?

Make sure you try to pack the moving truck as tight as possible, with less room between your items. Less space means less movement on the journey over, which means less broken items. Is this the silliest of all the moving tips?

67.  Roll Out The Carpets

Place your rolled up carpets on the back of your moving truck. This way you can put them down first in your new place before you start to put other things on top of them. This maybe the most obvious yet overlooked out of all our moving tips.

68. Show Me The Money

Grab some cash to have handy for unexpected expenses. You might get hungry, thirsty, or have to pay off a bridge troll on your way to your new house. You never know…

69. The First Night Box

Most likely you won’t have the time to unpack all your things on the first day of the move. Label and pack a box with all the things you will need on the first night. Example of items are soap, toothbrushes, bedsheets, toilet paper, towels, and anything else you might need on the first night.

70. Treat Your Friends To Meals And Refreshments


Remember to show your appreciation for your friends who are helping you move. Moving can be hectic and stressful, but it’s important to remember those who are helping you out. This is one of the moving tips that is similar to #22.

71. Tip The Movers?

Tipping movers is not necessary, but definitely appreciated. There is not a specific accepted amount that people are expected to tip, but if you are able to show your appreciation for a hard days work, it is definitely encouraged by the moving industry. Another one of the etiquette focused out of the moving tips.

72. Clean Your Bathroom First

If you get a chance, take the time to get the bathroom ready to use. Put up your shower curtains, toiletries, and towels. This will make you feel more at home and you’ll probably want to take a shower after a draining day of moving.

73. Scout Out The Lay Of The Land


After you are moved in, take a walk around the neighborhood to learn the lay of the land. Walking is a good way to get familiar your with your new neighborhood, and you will notice things that you might miss if your driving in a car.

74.  Meet The Neighbors

Here are some ideas on how to meet some of your neighborhoods. Just go door to door to introduce yourself to everyone. Most people will be happy to meet their new neighborhoods, and it’s a nice gesture. Volunteer at some charitable events, help out the community and earn some karma points while getting a chance to meet some new people. Try joining local sports programs, get your heartbeat up while making some new friends.

75. Enjoy A Refreshing Beverage

After a hard days, or several days of work, put your feet up and relax. Some psychological studies have indicated that being able to relax makes people more productive when they are at work. If you’ve read through our entire list of moving tips, you have a really good work ethic and discipline! So sit back for a minute, grab an ice cold beverage, or if you live on the east coast, a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and congratulate yourself on your move!

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