Seven Reasons College Students Need Self-Storage

College Students7 Reasons Renting Self Storage Online is a must for College Students

Leaving for college is a huge step, and it is all too easy to forget the little details. In reality, it is impossible to take everything you own with you. College dorms are notoriously small with little storage. Choosing a third-party storage unit can solve much of the logistical headaches of handling your possessions, leaving you focused on your studies.

Totally affordable

There’s a reason that “poor college student” is a cliché.  There’s a reason the grocery store near campus sells Ramen noodles by the case.  Money can be tight when you’re a student.  But renting self storage online means that you can get the very best deal without haggling.  Awesome, right?

Ugh who likes talking on the phone

Judging from the angled down, furiously tapping postures around campuses, people are tweeting a lot more than they’re dialing.  The great thing about renting self storage online is that you do not have to talk to people on the phone which is kind of the worst, some time.  You can bet the folks at Storitz are hard at work figuring out how to rent self storage via SMS.


Would you buy a new car without researching it first?  I know people who don’t even buy an Apple without shopping around first.  And with millions of square feet of self storage in the U.S. it doesn’t make sense to rent self storage without making sure you’re getting the best deal.  Renting self storage online is the easiest way to do that.  No driving around and haggling.   Just comparing facilities side by side and completing your rental online while knowing that you’re not getting ripped off.

24 Hours a Day

College students have irregular schedules.  College students consider “getting up early” anytime they’re still serving eggs in the dining hall (which is all day on weekends!).  Suffice to say, college students may not be able to make it to a facility or call one during, you  know, business hours.  But the awesome thing about the internet is that IT’S ON ALL THE TIME.  So you can compare self storage deals and rent a storage unit online, Twenty Four Seven.  Your storage unit will be waiting for you ready for you to unload. It’s still probably a good idea to move in during daylight.

Get Deals

Self Storage Sites want you to get the best deal. even lists all the available offers at every self storage facility on their site.  And YES many facilities even have special college student deals that you can get right on the site when you rent self storage online.


You’ve got about 20 minutes before class starts.  You have to rent a storage unit, print your term paper, text your “bestie” about your plans for the night and actually get to class which is clear across campus.  Sucks!  But renting self storage online means that you can basically do all these things at once!  You definitely wouldn’t get that with a traditional self storage rental model, would you?  Nope.


Are you sharing an apartment or moving into the fraternity or sorority house?  Where are you going to put your couch, bed or tables that won’t fit?  You decide to use your roomate’s couches and chairs instead of yours, but you just can’t get rid of yours?  You are attending college somewhere cold and of course there is no room in your closet to store your cold weather gear…Self-storage is your solution!



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