The Future of Venture Capital in Self-Storage

Venture capital firms have taken notice of the continuously growing self-storage industry.  So much in fact, that many venture capital groups have recently contributed funds to several self-storage start-up companies.   These companies include examples such as SpareFoot ($49.4 million in funding), MakeSpace ($10.1 million) and Boxbee ($7.3 million) [via].

The most common trend in venture capital contributions to the self-storage industry is the growing relationship between technology and self-storage.  The Internet is changing the way that customers rent self-storage.  Storage can now be rented through phones, tablets and computers from anywhere in the world.  These venture capital firms see an opportunity to invest in products in the self-storage industry that will grow in popularity as Internet technology continues to become more advanced.

At the SSA Spring Conference in National Harbor, Storitz hosted the Self-Storage Internet Council: Storage Talk.  Adrian Comstock, CEO of Storitz, asked our panel their thoughts about venture capital firms’ interest and activity in the self-storage industry.  Watch this video to see what we found and hear valuable insight from some of the self-storage industry’s foremost leaders in Internet technology.





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