Social Media Influence on Self-Storage


Social media has become a major way in which people use the Internet.  It has become a way for people to not only interact with one another in a variety of ways, but with businesses as well.  As a result, it has become increasingly important for businesses to engage their customers on social media in order to take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity.

There are several different platforms and types of content that make-up a company’s social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the biggest examples of social media platforms that can be used. Everything from educational articles posted on your business’s blog to instructional videos posted on the company YouTube page are considered forms of social media content. Potential customers can access this content and be instantly exposed to your company online. This can be a great way to secure new business.

At the SSA Spring Conference in Washington D.C., Storitz hosted the Self-Storage Internet Council: Storage TalkAdrian Comstock, CEO of Storitz, asked our panel how they have seen social media impact the self-storage industry. Watch this video to see what we found and hear valuable insight from some of the self-storage industry’s foremost leaders in Internet technology.




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