Search Engine Algorithms and Self-Storage


Search engines are powerful tools that Internet users can use to find what they want on the Internet quickly.  These engines use an Internet user’s search keywords to compile a list of the most relevant websites to the user.  The most relevant websites appear on the top of the list, making it far more likely that the user will visit them.  Therefore, it is important to make your website as relevant as possible to users searching keywords in your industry.

Google is by far the most prominent of these search engines, as it is used for 67.6% of searches in the United States according to  So how do search engines like Google determine which pages are the most relevant?  There are a variety of ways to optimize a website for search engine results.  This concept, referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is important to increasing traffic to your business’s website.

At the SSA Spring Conference in National Harbor, Storitz hosted the Self-Storage Internet Council: Storage Talk.  Adrian Comstock, CEO of Storitz, asked our panel about the importance of search engines and what the future holds for search engines in the self-storage industry.  Watch this video to see what we found and hear valuable insight from some of the self-storage industry’s foremost leaders in Internet technology.




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