Self-Storage Coachella: 5 Artists That Would Rock The Self-Storage Music World


It is that time of year again as concert-goers head out to Indio, California for the annual music festival, Coachella.  The all-weekend festival is dedicated to appreciating music and spending time with having fun with friends, old and new.  If only self-storage had a similar event, where bands dedicated to self-storage gathered for the weekend and played in appreciation to the self-storage industry.  Ok, maybe I’m crazy, but here are the self-storage acts (made-up from this year’s Coachella line-up) that I would be excited to go see:


1) Built to Fill (Built to Spill)

This indie rock group devotes their music to the art of utilizing every inch of space in storage units.  These five musicians out of Boise, Idaho can help you fit even your most precious item into storage and Keep It Like A Secret, their studio album.



2) Drive-up Like Jehu (Drive Like Jehu)

The post-hardcore and alternative rock style of this San Diego, California trio is dedicated to the convenience of loading your items into your unit directly from your vehicle.



3) Keys and Crates (Keys N Krates)

Unlock your taste for electronic music with this group out of Toronto, Canada.  These three young men are no strangers to keeping your biggest items (crates anyone?) with respect as evidenced by their 2013 single “Treat Me Right”.



4) Boxel Boys (Bixel Boys)

These Los Angeles, California natives think inside the box when it comes to storage and outside the box when it comes to their music.  Their popular hash-tag #boxlife captures their eclectic mix of the storage and dance music worlds.



5) AC/DC In Unit (AC/DC)

This all-time great rock ‘n’ roll band brings the power into your unit.  Hailing from Sydney, Australia, these rockers know that moving into self-storage can be messy business and will do Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap for you.


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