What is the Perfect Storage Unit?


If the self-storage industry has taught me anything, it’s that every tenant is different.  Each person has a unique personality, storage need, or quirk that makes every storage rental unlike the any before.  In helping these prospective tenants find the unit that best fits their needs, I have begun to wonder a simple question: Is there a “perfect” storage unit?  And if there is, what qualities make this so-called “perfect” unit so special?

My perfect storage unit is a drive-up unit in sunny Los Angeles (maybe Santa Monica, at the beach?).  If I am going to work up a sweat lifting my belongings to and from the facility, I want to do it while I’m outside in the beautiful southern California air.  A nice breeze would be a great way to get a refreshing cool down in the middle of a long move.


(My stuff would look great here.)


The position of the unit in the row of drive-ups would also be important.  My perfect unit is located in the middle of the most accessible and visible row.  I imagine this would be the first row, closest to the management office.  I would feel abundantly confidant that my belongings were secure in plain sight of the office.  Also, being in the first row would make getting from the office to the unit a snap.  I would not want to be the first unit in the row, as I would want to avoid being the road of others while they are trying to move.  However, being at the end of the row would make my unit the furthest away and more work to get to every time I want to access it.  The middle would guarantee me the space to access my unit without having to worry about getting in the way.


(Just right.)


As for the size of my perfect unit, I think a 10×10 would be best for me.   The reason?  I can’t imagine having more stuff to put into storage than would fit in a 10×10.  I can’t keep track of all of my stuff now!  I don’t think I could navigate through a bigger unit full of my stuff and ever hope to find anything that I needed.  Perhaps one day this will change, but today, I’m going with the 10×10.

I would obviously want all of the highest amenities I could imagine.  Climate control, camera surveillance, individual alarm, and gated access to the property would be the extra details that made my perfect unit stand out from others.  It would also be accessible 24/7 and not be subjected to gate hours or holiday closings.

I realize that my interpretation of the “perfect” unit probably isn’t the same as others’.  I think that’s great and would love to hear about what qualities would make a storage unit perfect for you!  Feel free to comment or tweet @Storitzdotcom to discuss.  I am always interested in new ideas.


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