Self-Storage: Reimagined

What can a self-storage unit do for you besides store your stuff?  At first, it may not seem like a lot.  A storage unit is not seemingly very exciting.  It is simply an empty space in a simple shape with a door on one end.  However, on second glance, a storage unit is a world of opportunity.  It is the space to help you become whatever your imagination can come up with for yourself.  Here are some ideas for ways you can reimagine a storage unit:


Creative Space

Imagine!  You’re a master artist working on your next masterpiece in your studio.  In the peace and serenity of your workspace, you can let your inspiration flow seamlessly from your mind into your project.  Perhaps a storage unit could be an art studio.  You need not worry about being constantly interrupted, as tenants of self-storage facilities do not frequent their units often.


Yoga Studio

Imagine!  You are going through your yoga workout routine.  You are alone   with your thoughts and some relaxing music, with nothing to distract you but the thought of your next stretch.  Perhaps a storage unit could be a yoga studio.  If you can’t find the space or environment to do yoga at home, you could make your own serene environment in the peace of a personal studio.  You would have to be sure to get a climate controlled or ventilated unit in order to be sure it did not get too hot in the unit (unless you are doing Bikram yoga!)


Model Train Room

Imagine!  You’re the conductor of your own personal railroad super highway.  With unending real estate, you have the space you need to lay out the perfect track configuration.  You have at your fingertips, access to a whole world of   model train building you never thought possible before.  Perhaps a storage unit could be a model train room.  It is quiet, spacious, and safe from any experimenting that unqualified family members and friends may feel the need to do were you to set-up your trains at home.


Plan a top-secret mission

Imagine!  You’re a secret agent who is planning a highly confidential operation.  You need a location that is inconspicuous and maintains the highly clandestine nature of your mission.  Perhaps a storage unit could be a top-secret planning room.  It would provide plenty of privacy and any amount of space necessary for any gadgets and supplies you might need for your mission.


There are lots of ways to use a storage unit, if you use your imagination.  These are some of the wackiest ways we can think of.  What about you?  Comment below with your most imaginative use for a self-storage unit!


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