Self-Storage in the Future

We were having a discussion at Storitz the other day about the future and what amazing changes may occur over the coming years.  We all had several ideas of amazing possibilities the future could hold.  That conversation began to have me thinking about the self-storage industry.  What could the future hold for the self-storage industry?  I began to think of all the many revolutionary innovations that could change the landscape of self-storage forever.

With real estate being a finite commodity, perhaps we will begin to build storage units that float in the sky.  Instead of storage rentals at a facility in Atlanta, Storitz could provide rentals at facilities OVER Atlanta.  Tenants would need to bring their belongings to the facility in their flying car or maybe rent a hover truck, which will have replaced conventional automobiles in the future.

Maybe we will be able to put self-storage in outer space.  Instead of Storitz offering to do rentals and reservations in areas like Chicago or Dallas, we would offer to book units available at storage sites on the moon!  I can already picture a beautiful facility on the moon, with promotional options for free moving rocket rentals.  The units would need to be inside the facility in order to take advantage of artificial gravity and climate control systems that would protect tenant’s belongings from the inhabitable conditions of outer space.

Does anyone else remember in Star Trek, when Captain Kirk could teleport aboard the Starship Enterprise?  Forget “Beam me up, Scotty!”  In the future, I see tenants transporting their belongings to and from their unit with a teleporter.  No more need to spend all day lifting heavy boxes and driving back and forth.  Customers could simply rent a unit, and teleport their belongings directly inside.

(Teleportation, as seen in Star Trek.)

Perhaps technology will become so advanced that tenants’ belongings can be saved into data on computers.  Imagine a device that could take objects from the real world into the digital world.  I see it being a lot like the hit movie Tron, where young software engineer Kevin Flynn is pulled into the digital world of an evil computer game.  The experimental lazer that pulls Flynn into the computer world could work equally well to pull storage into the digital world and save belongings in a way that would not even require a unit.  However, Flynn has to battle in a video game world in order escape the computer.  If tenants’ belongings are going to be stored in this manner, they will need to be able to get them out whenever they want.  Scientists of the future will need to make sure this is possible and that no evil computers attempt to hold belongings in the digital world forever.

(The lazer process from Tron that brings objects from the material world into the digital world.)

Who really knows what the future will hold?  There will be so many inventions that develop so rapidly, that no one can truly predict what might happen.  In any case, what do YOU think the future could hold for the self-storage industry?


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