5 Easy Ways to Promote Fun in the Office

No matter what industry your business is in, there is much to be gained by promoting fun in the work place.  While it is important to maintain a sense of professionalism in your business, providing outlets for your employees to enjoy themselves and relieve stress can have numerous positive benefits.  Happier employees work harder and collaborate with one another better (http://www.futurity.org/work-better-happy/).  That is why many companies out there feel that it is worth it to be sure that they are making it possible for employees to have fun in the office (we know we do at Storitz!).  Here are five fun ideas that different companies have instituted for the benefit of their work environment:


Ping-Pong Table

Ping-Pong is a fun and easy way to promote fun in the office.  Having a Ping-Pong table in the office allows employees to have a little bit of fun during breaks.  The game is simple enough that anyone can play, and can also be played in a short amount of time.  There is also something to be said about the benefit that playing games together has on employees’ team building skills.  Office sized tables are available and can be set up virtually anywhere in the office with enough space for a desk.  Here’s an example of how easy it is to have office fun with even the smallest of Ping-Pong tables:

LINK: Office Ping-Pong



At PERQ Marketing in Indianapolis, they’ve found a way to make travelling around the office fun.  PERQ offers scooters for pedaling down the wide hallways of their facility.  Not only do the scooters seem like a blast to ride at work, but they’re also stylish too.  I find this to be a great method of promoting a fun office environment.  It’s also an efficient way to get around the campus, meaning employees can get more done by not wasting time in transit between different areas.  Check out this video of the scooter’s in PERQ’s office:

LINK: PERQ Office Scooters


Office Bar

Whether you enjoy drinking socially or not, a bar in the office can have a tremendously positive effect on your office’s environment.  Red Frog Events in Chicago buys into this idea, claiming that it has numerous benefits for their employees’ office relationships.  As Joe Reynolds, the founder of Red Frog Events writes, “Red Froggers—what we call our employees—are definitely closer because of times spent tipping a few back together.”  If your office is filled with responsible professionals, you do not need to worry about it being abused.  Instead, it shows those trusted employees that you respect and care about them, which can make your company great.

Read more about Red Frog’s bar from Inc.com: http://www.inc.com/joe-reynolds/hold-your-meeting-at-your-office-bar.html


Yoga Classes

What can ease the stress of working for employees better than some yoga?  Several companies use office yoga classes as a way to promote a positive office environment including Tumblr, Asana, and Eventbrite.  Fitness classes like yoga have several benefits for your employees.  Providing a way for employees relax assures them that their company values their health and well-being.  It also can promote teamwork and a more integrated office environment by allowing employees to socialize in a non-work setting.



There are some really fun gadgets out there that I have seen people use to lighten the work atmosphere.  The simplest little experiences during the day can put employees in a great mood and make working hard that much easier.  My personal favorite is the desktop USB missile launcher, perfect for getting fellow employees attention (http://www.brookstone.com/dream-cheeky-358-ilaunch-usb-missile-launcher-for-iphone).  Other ideas I have seen implemented include smartphone operated model cars, basketball hoops, and collaborative puzzles.  In fact, Lego Denmark even has an employee toy room, where everyone from marketing staff to designers go to take a break and rejuvenate.


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