Making New Year’s Resolutions with Self-Storage


New Year’s resolutions are an incredibly interesting tradition.  To many people, the idea of a new year feels like a fresh start.  Many are empowered by this idea and use it as an opportunity to try to make changes to their life for the better.

I think this is great, especially since it is difficult to make resolutions normally during the year.  Personally, I am often busy during other times of the year.  I get comfortable in a routine and it is hard to find the time to stay committed to a change in a hardwired habit.  At the holidays, I can find the time I need to commit to a resolution.

In honor of New Year’s resolutions, here are five common New Year’s resolutions that self-storage can make easy for you to follow through with:


1) Be Less Stressed

Clutter in your life causes stress.  You have a million things to juggle and the last thing you need is to have to spend time looking for things.  If you can make yourself more organized, you can easily reduce a lot of stress in your life.  Rent a self-storage unit for things that you want to keep, but do not use everyday.  You can keep the things you want without having to worry about them getting in the way.


2) Spend More Time with Family Friends

Everyone needs to spend time cleaning up and getting organized.  Cleanup and store your things with your family and friends.  Offer to exchange help with the process with one another.  Spending time cleaning and moving is not difficult and allows you to spend time hanging out with those you love.  Also, cleaning up may give you the confidence to have people over more often.


3) Help Others

While you are eliminating the clutter, figure out what you no longer use.  While getting ready to store, gather things what you have to give away and take it to your nearest donation location.  Giving to those less fortunate is a great way to accomplish a New Year’s resolution while making the holidays for someone else.


4) Exercise

Make space and time in your life to exercise.  With your excess clutter safely in storage, you can finally have space for the treadmill you were thinking about getting.  Perhaps you make space to stretch out for a new yoga hobby.  Or maybe you just want an open area to jam out alone to loud music in an effort to work out.  You can make this happen by renting a self-storage unit.


5) Manage Time Better

There is no better way to help yourself manage your time more effectively than to become organized.  It is impossible to plan sometimes for things throughout the day that make you late (like Los Angeles traffic…*shiver*).   Eliminating the mess in your life will make you more efficient and keep you on schedule.


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