What would you do for an iPhone 6?

(Apple customers in line for the iPhone 6.  Picture from Canada.com)


As was widely anticipated, the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus created quite a bit of excitement over this past week.  And why wouldn’t it?  It’s the new iPhone.  Everyone must have it, and they must have it NOW.

When I say everyone, you can be sure I am including myself.  I was among the hordes of people that felt it was necessary to go out and stand in line to get the new iPhone within the first week of its release.  I could not have been more ready to trade in my old phone, a refurbished iPhone 4 that acted up more than an infant on a crowded airliner.  Seriously, the only thing that dropped faster than the calls I tried to make on that phone was the battery life.  Anytime I tried to use it, I constantly reminded myself of the words of Rodney Ruxin from the popular FX television show The League, “The app I want for my phone, is Phone.”  With the release of the 6, I saw an opportunity to escape the title of “Obsolete” that so many of my friends and co-workers had bestowed upon me, and finally be a member of the “elite” cutting-edge technology crowd.

Reports in the news from today are recounting stories of thefts, fights, and riots at Apple stores all over the country that are resulting from the release of the iPhone 6 (From Business Insider: http://www.businessinsider.com/fights-at-apple-stores-over-iphone-6-2014-9).  I can’t say I saw anything exciting like this happen on my visit to the Pasadena Apple store.  However, there were definitely a ton of people there who had the same idea that I did.  Perhaps the controlled atmosphere was due to the fact that, rather than leaving it up to chance, two police officers had been posted at the entrance to the store starting the night before the release.

It is pretty incredible how wildly popular Apple’s products are.  People are willing to go to outstanding lengths just to be among the first proud owners of a particular device.  I understand waiting in line to get it.  It was a fun, albeit tedious, experience that felt rewarding and ended with me finally feeling comfortable with my cell phone.  However, I can’t imagine ever doing something like fighting someone over it.  But it seems as though there are many people out there who are willing to that and more.  I have not heard of anything like it since the stories of similar behavior surrounding the release of new Air Jordan brand sneakers (see picture below).

(From Instagram: Customers at a Foot Locker riot at an Air Jordan sneaker release)


Whatever it is about Apple’s products, they are certainly doing something right if they command this level of popularity.  The weekend release was the largest phone release in history, with 10 million phones sales excluding the massive market in China where the phone will likely be released next year (From Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/briansolomon/2014/09/22/iphone-6-breaks-record-with-10-million-sold-even-without-china).

When all is said and done though, I understand why both demand and sales are so high.  I love my new iPhone 6, and it seems like many people around the world feel the same about the phone.  What do you think about the popularity of products like Apple’s?  Are they TOO popular?



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