Top 5 Decorations to Grab Out of Storage for Halloween

(A mix of fright and humor in this Halloween display.  Photo credit: Halloween Sayings)


1.  The Classic Witch-Broom-Crash Decoration

This is my personal favorite Halloween decoration that I see in yards every Halloween.  The witch crashing her broom decoration is easily the best Halloween decoration, as it does not even try to use witches as a scare factor.  Instead, this decoration is living proof that witches are no longer scary, they’re funny!  I love seeing these witch decorations everywhere, so I encourage you to go get yours out of storage and put it up ASAP!


2.  Your Hanging Skeletons

Skeletons are a classic part of any Halloween decoration display.  They look scary, and the idea of a reanimated skeleton zombie is downright frightening.  Make sure you get your skeleton decorations out of storage and hang them up for your display.  You could even set them up to be dancing skeletons; just make sure you hang the skeletons from your storage unit and not the skeletons buried in your closet!


3.  Scary (or Funny) Fake Gravestones

There is no scarier decoration for your display than a fake graveyard.  Graveyards are the iconic site of all Halloween related horror.  They also pose the threat of attack from lurking, flesh-eating zombies.  Get your fake gravestone decorations from your storage unit, and put them up in your yard.  One clever idea is to put names on the gravestones in order to enhance their effect.  For example, I have seen tombstones for people like Jack the Ripper in order to make them scarier.  In contrast, you could add an element of humor by making the gravestones for a pet named “Fluffy” or for something that no longer gets used like “Typewriters”.


4.  Gigantic Inflatable Decorations

Ah yes, the inflatable lawn decorations that seem to exist in every shape, size, and holiday theme imaginable.  How about your giant vampire display?  Or your 8-foot tall jack-o-lantern?  Pull those bad boys out of storage and get them set up on your lawn.  The bigger the decoration, the scarier.  Come on, everyone knows that.


5.  Your Black Cat

Every good Halloween decoration display needs a black cat.  Black cats are the ultimate symbol of the spooky atmosphere that makes Halloween what it is.  Nothing sends a chill down young trick-or-treaters’ spines like an ominous black cat in their path.  Talk about bad luck!  However, I feel the need to include a disclaimer on this suggestion.  When you put your black cat decoration back into storage, be sure it’s not your own cat!




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