The Other Football: A Sport Worth Giving a Shot (It might just be a goal!)

(Soccer fans in Atlanta enjoying a game.  Photo credit: PRWeb)


I am going to start this blog with a disclaimer: I am a major football fan.  You will always find me somewhere on Sundays in the early fall, draped in a Cincinnati Bengals jersey and loudly broadcasting my opinion of the officiating.  Watching both NCAA and NFL football are things that I look forward to doing all week.  However, I have realized this weekend that there is a new trend developing for socializing and watching morning sports on the weekend.  It’s the other “football”: Soccer.


I am a big fan of soccer and follow many of the international leagues around the world.  From the Premier League to La Liga, I have always found soccer to be an incredibly fascinating sport.  However, I had always assumed that I was alone in this regard, as I have grown up my whole life hearing dissenters with their usual complaints of, “This is boring.” and “Why don’t they score more goals?”  Many Americans refuse to give soccer a chance.  While I understand and can sympathize with many of these critiques, I had my mind instantly changed this weekend and I believe that even those who are sour on the sport would enjoy if they’d give it a chance.


I made my way with a few friends to a local pub at 9:00 am PDT on Saturday (aka, 2 hours before NCAA kickoff) to watch two of the more popular European teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid.  Our usual local spot, we expected the pub to be a relaxing atmosphere to watch the game before getting ready to go wild over football.  Instead, we found ourselves in a crowd standing shoulder to shoulder, chanting and singing in support of their teams.  It was amazing to see so many passionate fans about soccer.


I ended up having a blast watching the game.  What I also learned is that soccer in no way has to replace football on the weekend in order for me to take advantage of this awesome environment.  The soccer fans are just like every other sports fanatic, knowledgeable and always enthusiastic about discussing how they feel about any game, player, or event.  Everyone else at the pub was equally as excited for college football to get underway after the game as they were about the soccer match itself.


If you think you don’t like soccer, I urge you to give it a chance.  It is a great way to just increase the amount of awesome sports action available on the weekend.  Take a chance, and go down to a local spot for a game.


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