New England SSA Conference Live Blog



6:45 am – Wake up.  Ugh.  Who schedules a trade show to start at 8 am?


7:15 am – Showered and dressed.  Must go find coffee.


7:30 am – Coffee.  Suddenly feeling like a human being and excited for the trade show.


7:45 am – Arrive at the Storitz booth, ready to rock and roll.


8:00 am – Attendees are invited to enter the tradeshow.


8:35 am – Attendees actually enter the tradeshow.  From my conversation, seems I wasn’t the only one moving slow this morning.


9:00 am – Event presentations begin.  The presentation hall shares a room with the trade show and stole all the foot traffic.  Feeling lonely.


11:00 am – Back to presenting the booth to attendees.  Lots of people come by the exhibit, interested in Storitz.


11:30 am – Too many people to handle at once.  It beats being lonely.  People  definitely want to hear about Storitz.


12:30 pm – Lunch break.  Delicious roast beef wrap sandwiches.  Mmm, roast beef.


1:30 pm – Sit-in on presentation about most common legal mistakes a person can make in self storage.  It was an informative lecture.


2:45 pm – Exhibits are opened up again.  Traffic is much slower than in the morning.  Take some time to meet exhibitors from the booths around me.


4:30 pm – The last of the attendee traffic dies down, and most other exhibits begin to be taken down early.  The Storitz booth is seeing if it can be the last exhibit standing.


4:45 pm – Self Storage Association representatives will not allow me to leave the booth up any longer.


5:30 pm – Booth is packed up.  Trade show is over for the day.  Time for dinner and a big bet on red.


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