How to Follow-up on the Las Vegas Self Storage Association Conference


If your experience at the SSA conference in Las Vegas recently was anything like mine, you probably did more networking and collected more information than you even know what to do with.  That’s great, as both are signs that you had a successful conference.  However, it is important to be sure that you follow through on your efforts in order to advantage of what you learned.  Here are a few things you should be sure to do in order to wrap-up your conference experience:


-Collect and organize the business cards you collected.  It is important to stay in touch with the members of the self-storage industry that you established connections with.


-Upload your contacts into your CRM system.  If you don’t use CRM software, create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to place them in for easy electronic access.  You will need these in order to…


-Follow-up with interested contacts.  The contacts you established at the conference are useless unless you take the initiative to re-connect with them.  Don’t let your 1 am bonding moment at the hotel bar be a wasted networking opportunity.


-Do research on the people and businesses that you discovered at the conference.  Perhaps there was an exhibit you remember discovering and finding interesting, but did not get a chance to look at in depth.  Contact them and mention the conference, you were both there and could offer each other insight.


-Develop new business strategies based on what you learned.  Utilize the feedback you received from others at the conference.  Taking into account the suggestions of operators and vendors is a great way to improve your business.


-Share your Vegas experience on social media.  Show off pictures of your booth and of your conference team.  Maybe leave out some of the pictures from the cocktail after-party.  We included a picture of our booth here!


-Do research on additional self-storage conferences you can attend in the future.  Your successful exposure does not have to be limited to Las Vegas.  SSA has conferences all over the country, and they are all terrific opportunities to network.


-Explain your Las Vegas hotel bill to your boss.  Those $10 mini-bar M&M’s looked so good at the time…


Each of these steps seems easy, but they are essential in order to fully take advantage of the prospects presented by the conference.  Follow these steps and do not squander the opportunity for yourself and your business.  Otherwise, you will find yourself having to wait for the next Las Vegas SSA Conference in order to get another chance.

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