5 Things To Get From Storage Before Monday Night Football Premier Night

University of Missouri Fans

University of Missouri - Splendid Fans

by Kevin Heintz

Los Angeles, CA –With football season rapidly approaching, Storitz wants to remind you to visit your self-storage facility to pick-up everything you need to be prepared to cheer your team on to victory.  Here are 5 important things we thought of:

1.  Your Fantasy Football Draft Board – The members of your Fantasy Football League have been waiting all offseason for the legendary, annual event that promises eternal honor and glory: Draft Night.  Upon your league’s Fantasy Draft Board will be written the rosters which will determine who amongst your friends is a champion, and who will be considered (and constantly reminded) that they are a terrible Fantasy Football owner.  Don’t forget to pickup your Fantasy Football Draft Board and any other draft supplies you may have had in storage since last February.  We still have a lost Draft Board from 2010 with number 1 overall pick Tim Tebow.  Ouch.

Tim Tebow Kneeling Pic

Tim Tebow Kneeling

2.  Your Autographed Picture of your Favorite Player – Remember that time you got to meet him?  He was the greatest defensive player of his generation, “much tougher” than the young guns of today.  It was years ago, but you can still remember it like it was yesterday.  Where did that picture go?  You could never find a place for it, and you stored it with the rest of your stuff.  Head down to your storage facility and grab that picture and start teaching the modern fan about how the game used to be.

3.  Your Barbecuing Equipment – Nothing says football season like a barbecue with…anyone really.  No matter who you are or where you are from, football and barbecues are a blast.  It’s been so long since you and your friends from school got together or maybe it’s just an excuse to see everyone from the neighborhood.  Don’t let your barbecuing equipment sit in storage when you could be enjoying burgers, beers, and great game.

4.  Your Team Gear – Any fan can simply show up to support their team.  However, you do it in style.   You have the best fan costume of any of your friends.  You put it away in storage for the offseason, but it’s that time of year again.  Don’t forget to grab your face-paint.  You would look pretty ridiculous in public in your elaborate costume if you didn’t wear any face-paint.

5.  Your Lucky Couch – You remember the year you bought that couch.  Your team had won the Super Bowl that season and you had watched every minute, sunken into the cushions of your favorite spot, while all the while you wept on the couch in pure joy.  Now it seems like years since you watched your team hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy in triumph, and your significant other has forced you to replace it.  It’s not too late.  Go get that Lucky Couch from storage, grab a beer, and sit your team to victory.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Family on the couch. - Copyright 20th Century Fox


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