Tips On Using Pinterest Boards For Self Storage

Pinterest Self Storage

There are many social networks worth pursuing to generate traffic to self storage websites.  So why is Pinterest so excellent for your business and for building your brand?  Pinterest has bee responsible for generating more referral traffic for businesses than other higher profile social networks such as Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

Still not convinced?  Here are some more statistics:

  • Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites.
  • With 27 million users, the number of daily Pinterest users has increased by 145% since January 2012.
  • Pinterest generates over 4x as much revenue per click (attributable to first touch) as Twitter and 27% more revenue per click than Facebook.
  • 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.
  • 21% have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest.

Pinterest isn’t just a sales engine; it is also fantastic for things like organization of home, posting pictures of local landmarks, redesigning homes, enhancing traffic to your website and making your home visually fun. These are things that can be implemented whether or not it is your home or your business.  Lock It Up Self Storage and have both used Pinterest as a tool to engage new audiences that may otherwise not be interested in self storage. Let’s take a look at how Pinterest boards for self storage can work for you.

Using Pinterest is simple. The fact is Pinterest is an online organizational board with 5 million users and counting. When you use your other social media sites to promote it you’re going to get better results. You want to keep it simple it’s the main appeal and the simplicity of the site that captures users attention. Make it a point to launch a daily theme with your pin board. If you follow the more popular Pinterest users you’re going to see some major results.

While women are still the majority making a Pinterest users, there are a number of businesses using the site as well. You can enhance traffic to your site through promoting it on your pin board and on your other social media networks as well. Don’t be afraid to ask others to pin your information on their board, and you can do the favor in return for them. This is how amazing partnerships started. You can make connections on Pinterest that she may never be able to make anywhere else.

You want to make your page visually fun, but make sure that everything you use is yours and yours alone. If you use someone else’s photograph then it takes credibility away from your company, and that’s the last thing that you want to. It’s almost like using the same brand are one so similar to another company that you can’t create your own identity. That has led many a business is to ruin. You can take charming pictures of your own products, employees at work or place of business and pin them gaining a much better response than if you were to utilize someone else’s.

Pin boards for self storage are plentiful. All it takes a quick Google search to see for yourself. There is absolutely nothing you can’t find nowadays on Pinterest. You actually have to log on and create your own account to truly gain appreciation of everything that the site can do for you.

You can find things for your home, things for your business and many things you never even would’ve dreamt possible. Amazing connections are made here, most everything is very affordable and you’re going to love using Pinterest for all of your needs, including Pinterest words for self storage.

Cat Lane is operations manager for Lock It Up Self Storage, which specializes in San Jose self storage and offers seven Bay Area locations. The company features video tours of all its facilities on its website.








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