Soup is In, Ice Cream is Out — How To Store Your Boat Over The Winter

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When winter time comes changes have to be made in all aspects of life.  Thicker clothes need to be worn to fight off the cold weather.  Soup is in and ice cream is out.  You also store away the summer stuff that will not be needed during the cold winter months.  One of the main things that must be taken good care of over the winter is your boat.  There are some things that need to be taken into consideration when deciding to store your boat for the winter.

The biggest question you’ll have is where you want to store your boat.  Some people choose to store their boat in their driveways of their houses.  It is the most economical way, but it can cause problems with your neighbors and your association if your neighborhood has one.  Lots of people store their boats in warehouse yards which are priced fairly well too.  But when storing your boat outside you must take more precaution when winterizing it.  You also you have to continue maintenance every couple of weeks.  One of the best options for storing your boat for the winter is to store it in a self-storage unit.  This way your boat will be inside and better protected against the harsh elements.

One of the best things about storing your boat in a storage unit is that you will feel safe.  You can rest easy throughout the winter knowing your boat is safe.  There is nothing worse than when a big storm rolls through town and your boat is being stored outside.  Yes, you took the proper steps to make sure it can handle the winter, but some storms are bigger than others.  Sometimes it will feel like the harsh weather is going to damage your boat even if you winterized it perfectly.  If your boat is inside, you will feel safe knowing that it is protected from any storm that passes through.

Before you put your boat into storage you must winterize it first. This is the most important step of the process.  If you slack off and only do a few things the long term damage of your boat may be impossible to repair.  One of the main things that you need to do is remove the fuel from the gas tank.  This will help avoid the engine getting rusty.  Because winter tends to get humid and dry you must spray the interior of your boat with vinyl protectants.  If you don’t everything will dry out and crack and when the winter is over you’ll boat will look like you bought it at a garage sale.  These are just two steps in a very detailed process that will help protect your boat.

When winter comes around we have to make changes in every aspect of our lives.  When deciding how to store your boat you will have options.  Each one provides their own pros and cons.  One of the best ways to store your boat is putting it in a self-storage unit.  It’s quick and easy.  After you winterize it you can lock it up and feel comfortable until spring.

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