5 Tips To Choose and Pack A Storage Unit

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There are so many things to buy in this world that after a while the house can become cluttered with too many belongings.  When your garage is overstuffed with so much stuff that you can’t walk around in it, let alone park your car in it, you know it’s time to get a storage unit.  There are some factors to consider when picking your storage unit and when it comes time to pack it.  We have all seen Storage Wars and we don’t want to be one of those units when the door is opened a bike falls out and hits poor Barry on the noggin.    So here are five helpful tips to help choose the right storage unit and pack it.

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Not all storage units are this simple and easy to navigate. But you can make yours work for you.

1) Is the self storage property close to your home?  This might not seem like a big deal at first.  After you pack up the unit there won’t be much need to go back to it so a long drive won’t be too bad.  That’s true, but what if the moment comes when you need something quick?  You won’t want to make that hour drive to get your stuff.  It might be a little more expensive renting from the place nearer to your house, but it’ll pay off when you need your things.

2) Find out about the storage facility’s security.  You need to find out if it’s insured for fires and other natural disasters.  You need to make sure there have a great alarm system and find out how many security guards work at once.  If you are going to store your things it’s important to be sure they are going to be protected.

3) Make sure the storage unit company has a good reputation.  Find out about their customer service center and how they do under pressure.  Look for reviews and find out how the company handles problems.  Nothing runs smooth in this world so when a problem comes you want to make sure your company will have the knowledge to solve it.

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Lock It Up Storage in Pleasanton, CA. A nicely maintained facility is an indicator of safety and security.

4) When packing your storage unit you must make sure you have everything packed into boxes or containers.  If you simply throw all of your stuff in a unit it will be so messy and impossible to find anything later on if you need to.  Pack it all away and mark the boxes so you know what it where your things are.

5) Organize the boxes with all of the heavy stuff on the bottom.  It’s important to make sure that you haven’t put your box of bowling balls on top of your nicest tea set. You want to make sure that none of your stuff breaks over time so organize it correctly and everything will be fine.

Sometimes you run out of space in your house.  Don’t worry when it happens.  Just make sure to get yourself a self storage unit.  Follow the tips above when choosing one and packing it.  Don’t take any tips lightly.  The best way to avoid long term problems is by figuring them out at the beginning.  Get a place close to your home with great security and customer service.  Box up all of your stuff and pack it in with the heaviest stuff on the bottom.  Your stuff will be safe and you can feel safe.

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