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There are more than a few thousand storage blogs out there. And most of them aren’t something you want to subscribe to. Look, you’re either self-described as “very neat,” or already diagnosed OCD; you’re the head of a household and family and want to grasp something that gives you the illusion of “organization”; or, you work in the storage business and you just geek-out on containers and boxes and you hope that spreading as much blog detritus into the #twitterverse and facebook will increase your keyword search rankings. Well, I don’t know if any of those are true, or apply to you, but hear ye, hear ye, below is a review of 5 storage blogs that have been bangin’ around for at least a year, which in the word of the “interweb” is akin to receiving one of those lifetime achievement Academy Awards. Keep postin’, at least you know that WE at Storitz will still be lookin’.

1. Orgjunkie.com – Ummm, clever name, but ironically not the most visually organized blog you’ve ever seen. There are lots of categories, like “bathroom”, “dining room”, “closets”, that really let you get into nitty-gritty of the things you want to organize, and in some cases store. Weary Mr. Mom and just dropped off the kids at school but don’t want to spend $6 bucks at Starbucks to get your fix? Pull-down the “Bathroom” menu on orgjunkie.com and spend the next two hours organizing the WC.

2. All the Sorted Details – by Elizabeth Larkin, and found at elizabethlarkin.tumblr.com, this is managed by a writer/journalist who has a keen eye for postings from other organizing and lifestyle blogs, and includes some wit and witticisms to give all you fellow OCD/neat-freaks a wink and a nod. You’ll never think your time is wasted following this blog.

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- All the Sorted Details / elizabethlarkin.tumblr.com - clear, easy to read, pleasant to look at

3. Things Organized Neatly – Another tumblr blog, this is probably the most impressive visual assemblage of related items you’ll find on the Web. Every day the people at T.O.N. seem to find some category of objects to be organized and assembled in a balanced, Mondrian-like way. Easy on the eyes. Probably like porn for hoarders.

4. OCD Experience – by Justin Klosky – This is probably the most useful blog in terms of helpful real-world tips for organizing your life, whether your life is in a dorm-room, a suitcase, a large French Chateau or a small urban apartment, Justin seems to cover it all in a simple, concise and easy-to-read manner.


for the Hipster Neat Freak - thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com

5. We have to plug our own blog here, of course, and include our tumblr: storitz.tumblr.com. Our blog will review various things you ought to be organizing and thinking about.And then our tumblr offers the latest deals and places to get the deals on Storitz. We aspire to take organizing more seriously in the future, but until then we’ll probably continue posting about football phones, chips n’ dips dishes and animals in costumes.


Please submit to us any great organizational and storage blogs that we are missing. – Eds

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