Hurricane Preparedness Tips – To Do List

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Hurricane To Do List

1. Build an emergency kit with food, warm clothes, flashlights, and cash.
2. Check with local agencies to see if your property / home is in danger. If it is near a levee or dam, it may be more likely to be in danger.
3. Secure your property – If you can’t board up windows or install shutters, move valuable items to closets and secure rooms. Taping windows does not secure windows.
4. If you have time, trim trees and large shrubs of any loose or long hanging branches.
5. If you’re in a high-rise, go to the 10th floor or lower. The higher you are above ground, the higher force of the winds that may pose a risk of shattered glass and danger.
6. Tell those you love where you will be and come up with a contingency plan of where and when to meet in the event of losing communication.
7. Hold on Tight.

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