How big is your unit? – 3 ways to help a customer find the right size

According to the Self Storage Association, only one in 7 Americans even *knows* what self-storage is. This means that many of your new customers will need a helping hand in determining what they need in order to rent a self storage unit. Size, as with most things (shoes, cars, and restaurant tables, for example), is the first question a customer will have.

This is your opportunity to pull a Cuba Gooding (the actor playing the football player in Jerry Maguire) and help them help you help them.

1. What kind of items are you storing? E.g., file boxes, large items of furniture, a vehicle?
2. Are you okay with jamming these items in as small of a unit as possible to save on your monthly rent, or do you want a a unit that allows you to easily access items in the back of the space and perhaps to carefully place valuable or important items without stacking them?
3. Will you be accessing these items more than once a month, or will you perhaps just be putting these items in storage and then getting them out in several months or longer?

After the answers have been elicited, you’ll be able to recommend:

1. Well, based on what you have told me, I think you could comfortably fit in a 10×10, but perhaps you could squeeze everything into a 7×10 and “save yourself a couple bucks a month”.
2. You should be aware that you could rent a unit on an upper floor accessed by an elevator (or lift, as the case may be), and this will save you money as well as provide an environment that is more insulated from the weather elements. You can save a few dollars in rent by taking this upper level unit. Or, for total convenience, especially if you are going to access the unit more than once a month, go ahead and get the drive-up or ground level unit.

In both these instances, you are able to make a connection with your customer by telling them how to save money while you’re also educating them (and yourself) about what size and location would be best for their storage needs.

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