The Five most organized, err, organization blogs:

Got that messy office?  Storing your extra stuff in the conference room? Truly embarrassed that you still haven’t filed that 24”-high pile of invoices? Get inspired by what Storitz believes are the five best organization blogs today. Of course, tomorrow may be an entirely different list.


1. As the subtitle suggests, it’s lonely in the modern world of Pabst-Smears and Ironoclasts. Thing is, while most hipsters appear to be shaggy dumpster-divers, unhappyhipsters seem to be ascetic online shoppers. Enjoy, neat-freaks, everywhere.

Brooker Hollow's Hipster Male Model


2. Don’t move anything in these pictures, an inch. Not an inch.

3. The Animal Blog Okay, this isn’t about organization. But who doesn’t love a well-done animal blog?!?

4. There are crafty people and there are organized people. Aren’t crafty people supposed to have yet-to-be-completed projects on their kitchen tables and filling up extra rooms in their apartments and homes? This blogger is both crafty AND organized; hence, the science.


5. It’s not what you think. . .very G-rated architectiphile photographs of really cool dwellings. And all, very organized and leanly styled.  These people have 10×30 drive-up units somewhere, packed with all their shtuff, if you know what we mean.

6. Yeah, she is kinda’ the rock star organization blogger. You can’t not list her blog.




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