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Seek A Space storage units presents “How To Use Los Angeles Self Storage” at Storage Etc. in Westwood, CA.  Brian interviews a lovely pharmaceutical rep named Lemore who uses a Los Angeles storage unit as part of her job.  Find, compare and rent self storage units and mini storage near you. Storitz guarantees that you will get the best deal. It’s the smartest way to shop for self storage anywhere in the U.S.

We also wrote an interesting blog post about the topic of Los Angeles Self Storage:

First, you should know that we believe in all the storage facilities that we have listed on our site.  They are our partners and we wouldn’t even exist without them.  That being said, self storage shoppers are beautiful and unique like snowflakes, or the Olsen twins.  So we understand that you may have different needs from any other visitor to our site and we want you to have the best possible experience.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Location

The location of a storage facility is important for many reasons but may be more important to some people than it is to others.  If you are going to be storing items that you need frequently, you’ll want to make sure the storage facility you choose is easily accessible to you.  For instance if you are seeking small business storage for overflow inventory, you will want to choose a storage facility convenient to either your business or your home.  If you aren’t able to find the type of facility you need near your home, you might think about choosing one near a place that you frequently travel to anyway such as your children’s school, your place of work, or a family member’s house.  If you’re going to need frequent access to your items, location will probably be the most important thing to consider and you will want to take this into account when choosing a facility.  You may be willing to pay a little more in monthly rent to make access faster and more convenient.

However, if you are storing things that you do not need frequent access to (for instance, if you are going to be traveling abroad and want to store your furniture while you are away) then location will probably be less of a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a storage facility.  If your plan is to store your items and then leave them for an extended period, you can get away with choosing a facility that has a less convenient location, especially if that facility has the other amenities that you need or want.

2. Access Hours

Access Hours are also going to be more important to those renters that are going to need more frequent access to their things.  You will want to be sure to check both the gate and office hours of the facilities that you are comparing.  Storitz makes this easy with the tab system on our facilities’ pages (check one out for a Los Angeles storage facility) in the left hand column.  During Gate Hours you will be able to access your storage unit, usually using a gate code that you are provided upon rental from Storitz.  Just punch your unique code into the keypad and you’ll be magically granted access.  However, during these hours, you will not necessarily be able to access the facility’s office to ask questions of the manager, buy packing supplies or just shoot the breeze with the cute lady who makes the coffee.  These things are all available during Office Hours, which you can easily access on the other tab of the Storitz hours box. Many facilities listed on Storitz have 24 hour gate access so you have unbridled access to your unit and your things all the time, 7 days a week, just like you would at home.

If you only want to visit your storage unit during Office Hours then you should make sure to choose a facility with Office Hours that are convenient for you.  Most facilities listed on Storitz have offices that are open 6 days a week during normal business hours for easy communication with the facility manager, bill payment and general pleasantries.

3. Security

Security is a major concern among self storage shoppers.  We know there’s an enduring stereotype that self storage facilities are dirty, dingy and generally sketchy.  Busting this myth is exactly the reason that Storitz lets you view photos of the storage facilities we list and lists the facilities’ security features clearly on our details pages.  Many of our facilities also have video tours made exclusively for Storitz that include an overview of their security system.  Here’s a rundown of some of the security features that a facility may offer:

•Security Cameras: Most storage facilities have security cameras installed throughout the property to track activity and provide recorded evidence should anything nefarious occur at the facility.
•Gated Access: Nearly every facility offers gated access to its units.  Usually entry is controlled with a gate code, which you are assigned upon renting a storage unit from Storitz.  Each tenant has a different gate code so that facility managers are able to track who is accessing their unit, at what time of day or night and the duration of their visits.  This information is strictly confidential and is tracked only as protection for you in case of suspicious activity.
•Individually Alarmed Units:  Though all facilities will have an alarm system in place for the facility itself, some will offer an individual alarm for each unit.  This alarm will alert facility staff if an unauthorized party opens the door to your unit.  These are usually linked to the security gate so if your unit is opened when your personal gate code hasn’t been entered, an alarm will sound.
For even more information about what self storage facilities are doing to address your security concerns, check out this earlier post.

4. Availability

It goes without saying that you’ll want to rent a storage unit that’s, you know, available for rent.  But we’re making a list here, so we’re going to mention it anyway.  When you do your search on Storitz, you will only see units that are available for rent when you need them, unlike other self-storage directory sites. Upon completing the Storitz rental process, you will actually have rented an available unit, the exact unit that you choose, no haggling with facility managers or being upsold.  Just the unit you choose, the unit you want, right now, directly from our website.  Pretty cool, right?  Yeah, we think so too.

5. Amenities

Storitz details many amenities on it’s facility pages that might either be important to you, or sweeten the deal when it comes to renting storage.  These include:

•Package Delivery Services: many facilities will accept deliveries for you in your absence which could be important if you are using your unit as small business storage.
•Business Convenience Center: Some facilities offer a business center with a fax machine, WiFi or a printer so that you can check your email or print important documents conveniently when you visit your storage unit.
•Free Moving Truck: If you have a lot of stuff to move in to your storage unit and you don’t own your own big rig, you’ll probably need to rent a truck for your move-in.  Many Storitz facilities offer on-site truck rentals and some even offer the service for free!  Finding one of these facilities can save you even more on storage.
•Online Bill Payment: A service offered by many facilities, signing up for automatic online payment is a great way to make sure you never fall behind in your storage bill and see your precious belongings end up on Storage Wars.

6. Price

Oh, price.  Do we really have to talk about this?  We do?  They’re telling me we do, so we will.  Of course price will be a consideration when it comes to renting your storage unit, but most likely it will not be the only consideration.  After examining all the other amenities and factors that you have to choose from when renting a storage unit from Storitz, it should be easy to see that depending on which conveniences are provided by your facility the price may change.  You might want to pay a little more for an individually alarmed unit.  Or you may be willing to drive a little further to your facility if you can save a few dollars a month on your rent.  We haven’t even mentioned all the great promotions that many of our facilities offer.  From $1 for your first month to percentage based discounts for military servicemembers and seniors to discounts on long term rentals, Storitz lists the best available deals so that you can select the one that makes sense for you. Prices can vary greatly from facility to facility but when you rent through Storitz, you will get the best price on your chosen unit.  Guaranteed.

So what’s the next step?  Head over to and put in your zip code.  Compare thousands of available storage units and rent the one that fits your needs.  Click. Store. Done.

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