What You Don’t Know About Torrance Storage…

'Torrance Park' photo, Torrance self storage (c) 2010, Urban Outbacker - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/…can KILL YOU.

No, not at all actually but check it out anyway:

Even though it’s played a part in many important American cultural events, Torrance is a Southern California city that’s often overlooked.  But did you know, for instance, that the American Youth Soccer Organization started in Torrance?  The orange slice & Capri Sun lobby are pretty happy about that day.  Not to mention that youth soccer teams have lots of uses for Torrance storage.  After all, in the offseason coaches need somewhere to put all those soccer balls and the tiny traffic cones they use to practice dribbling.

The city is also home to El Camino College and everyone knows that college students have many uses for Torrance storage.   When moving in and out, when studying abroad, when breaking up with their high school girlfriend and having to find their own place but not being able to and having to live on couches for a few months between going to class and oh my god, you have to get over that break up.  All great reasons to use Torrance storage.

Finally, did you know that the landmark N.W.A. record Straight Outta Compton wasn’t even recorded in Compton?  The real recording location was Audio Achievements studio in Torrance.  Recording studios and musicians like N.W.A. can also find Torrance storage useful for equipment, record collections or Hello Kitty memorabilia.  What, you didn’t know that Eazy-E was really into Hello Kitty?  He totally is.

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