MomsLA: Active Kids Mean Less Time for Staying Organized

In another installment of our video series with the lovely lady-bloggers at MomsLA, Laura Clark who blogs at LA Story share her organization challenge of keeping up with an active toddler while still trying to get toys put away.

Laura points out that her priorities have changed a lot since her daughter was born. Along with her priorities, there are probably a lot of things hanging out in her house that don’t get used nearly as often as they used to. After all, unless your kid is Bobby Fischer, she probably doesn’t have a lot of use for an antique chess set or classic rock record collection*. Still, she might enjoy those things when she’s older. Where could those things go until she’s really ready to hear Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl? I don’t know, um, maybe self storage??

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*Not a reflection of what Laura actually has in her house as far as I know

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