Using Space Efficently in an Urban Home

In today’s video from , we’re lucky to have Jenny K of the blog 3 Before 30 and MomsLA let us in on her organizational priorities. Jenny notes that a lack of square footage in her Los Angeles home means that she has to work even harder to keep her family organized.

Though we Angelenos agree that the many benefits and wonders of urban living like culture, nightlife, cuisine and general excitement far outweigh the drawbacks, a lack of space can be a concern. When you want to live in the thick of things, in West LA, Santa Monica or Downtown LA or even on the opposite coast in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you’re often faced with the choice of getting rid of a lot of your stuff or moving out to the suburbs. As Jenny points out, staying organized is definitely key. But renting self storage could be another option, especially for a family that doesn’t have the freedom to live as simply as they may like because of beach toys, winter clothes and everything else that comes along with having children but doesn’t come with its own storage unit.

How do you make the most of your space? Need tips for getting organized? Why not enter our contest to win a day with professional organizer Justin Klosky?

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