Guest Blog: Self Storage as a Key to an Organized Life

Today we’re really pleased to be able to share with you a guest blog post by Justin Klosky, professional organizer and founder of OCD Experience. We asked Justin for his insight into how self storage can be an effective tool for getting organized and maintaining an organized lifestyle. Here’s what he had to say:

by Justin Klosky

Storage units are a great place to keep your belongings in the event you need to store items before moving into a new home or are just in need of more space. Rather than spending the money to buy the largest unit at a storage facility,  invest in a smaller unit. As a professional organizer and efficiency expert, I assist my O.C.D. Experience clients in creating the tools necessary to maintain an organized life. These same strategies can be used to help you organize your belongings in such a way that will allow you to take advantage of smaller spaces and still fit everything neatly inside. When searching for the perfect storage unit, make sure you’re realistic about the amount of items that you will be storing. Below are a few of my suggestions on how to make the most out of your unit and utilize the whole space.

  • Arrange Your Unit by Size. Place large items up against the back wall of your unit so that they are not blocking you from smaller items.
  • Move in medium sized items after, such as chairs or dressers. Remember to also think vertically – with permission from most facilities you can install hardware to enable you to use a wall or ceiling of the unit for additional storage.
  • Load-in smaller boxers and organize for accessibility keeping the items that are most frequently used in the easiest place to reach. Use large bins and shelving units to store these smaller boxes.
  • Organize and Label.  Keep like items together while packing up your boxes and before sealing it. When you get to the unit, position your boxes so that the labels face out and you can easily read what each box contains. Keep shoes stacked together, linens together, etc.
  • Use All Your Space. Use open spaces of furniture to store items applicable for the room the piece came from. For example, use dresser drawers to store clothes and linens.
  • Get the Right Size. Choose a unit that allows you to quickly, efficiently and safely access belongings. Ask for help to determine the right size unit for your needs and carefully consider size and location of the unit.
  • Make a List.  Make sure you have a master list of all of the contents in the storage unit. If you add or take out items from the unit make sure this list is constantly updated. This will always keep you and your storage unit organized and will ensure that you aren’t keeping items you don’t remember.

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