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As we’ve previously discussed, there are many factors that go in to choosing the right storage unit to suit your needs. Self storage security is certainly one factor. Why is it important to be sure of the self storage security features that your storage facility offers? Of course there is the obvious reason that you are investing money in keeping whatever items you do decide to put in storage and this means that you care about them and want to keep them safe. Therefore, you want to know that there are proper self storage security precautions taken, both in terms of equipment and personnel. As we’ve discussed in previous posts self storage security posts, security cameras, gated access, individual unit alarms, and attentive self storage personnel are all important in keeping your belongings safe.

Furthermore, it’s also important to consider your own personal safety when choosing a storage facility. As many storage facilities that are not urban are built in more industrial areas, away from population centers, you want to make sure you feel comfortable getting to and from your storage unit at any time that you will need to. If you feel you must have 24 hour access to your storage unit, and that you will be utilizing that, you will want to be sure that the facility is well-lit, both the parking areas and the storage unit access — be it drive-up or interior storage. You may also want to consider finding a facility with a resident manager. When someone employed by the storage facility to enforce self storage security at the property is actually living on the property, you may feel more safe visiting at strange hours of the evening or early morning since there will be someone available in case of emergency.

Finding the security features of any self storage facility listed on is easy. Each property page has a clearly labeled section of Safety & Security Features including resident managers, surveillance cameras, keypad entry and individual unit alarms.

As this customer at the Los Angeles self storage facility, Farmer’s Market Self Storage, testifies, as a woman it is important for her feel safe when she visits her storage unit alone and at Farmer’s Market Self Storage, she does. Have a look:

If you’re currently renting a storage unit, do you feel safe going there at any time of day? How important is security to you when choosing a storage facility? Let us know in the comments!

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