5 Tips for Keeping Track of What’s in Your Storage Unit

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Over the past few months, we’ve tried to give our readers a valuable resource for how to best pack a storage unit, from beginning to end. When we talked about How to Pack Your Storage Unit, we did mention that keeping track of what you are putting in your storage unit will most likely prove very helpful to you in the future. When you’re in the process of moving in to storage, you probably just want to get the whole thing over with and not think about what you’re going to need or want weeks or months down the line. However, we implore you to not just shovel armloads of stuff into your storage unit slam the door shut (I know the tricks, trust me. Replace “storage unit” with “bedroom closet” and that’s how I cleaned my room in high school). Instead, take a moment to get organized a keep track of what you are actually putting into storage so that you can get to it and know about it when you need to. This will not only help you when you need to get at your belongings in the future, it will also help in the unlikely but unfortunate event that something happens to your storage unit (theft, flooding or other catastrophe) so that you will know exactly what was in there and can report it to insurance companies or police, as necessary.

1 . Make a list
This is as simple and low tech way to keep track of everything in your unit. Just make a list of everything you put in a box that is destined for storage. If you write it by hand, make a copy. If you type it up, you may want to print it out and keep a copy in a safe place.

2. Label the boxes
Either tape a list of contents or write labels on all the boxes you have that are going to storage, so you will know what is in them when you go to your unit in the future. This is a tip that takes literally seconds and will save you so much time down the line.

3. Take a Picture
To take a picture of everything you’re putting in storage no longer means finding a camera, film, a developer and a safe place to keep a photo. Every cell phone has a camera – just take a quick photo to help you remember. Email it to yourself. This way when you’re looking for something specific, like that blue and white porcelain tea cup that your aunt who will be here tomorrow gave you three Christmases ago, you can see that there it is, on top of the “MISCELLANEOUS” box before you go rifling through your cabinets for an hour. See how much time that saved you?

4. Make a Map
This might seem like overkill to some of you, but if you’re labeling your boxes, once you start packing your storage unit, you may consider making a map to show you where you’ve placed all your boxes so that you can access them more easily and efficiently.

5. Make a Video
So you’ve made a list, labeled your boxes, made a map and taken photos of all your beloved items that are going in to storage. But that just doesn’t seem like enough. Well, you could always make a video. For instance, imagine how simple it would be for Airport Mini Storage Riverside Self Storage to find everything at their facility just by watching the tour below. Check it out:


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