One Reason College Students Should Rent Storage NOW

In the excitement and stress involved with the end of the semester and the beginning of summer, finding storage for the summer is often one of the last items on the to-do list. However, it will save students and their families money to spend $99/month for a few months rather than all new items in the fall, lamps, bookshelves, or blenders.  For maximum savings, college families should know that they would benefit immensely from renting a storage unit as soon as they know they will need it.  That’s because in the self-storage industry, as the occupancy at a particular facility increases, so does the rent.  Much like renting apartments or hotel rooms, the higher the demand for a particular space, the more a company (be it a landlord, a Hilton or a self storage facility nearest to campus) is able to charge to rent out that space.  Storage facilities are able to adjust their prices every day, so as more students rent their units with each day that passes, prices will increase.  This will become particularly evident with the storage unit sizes most commonly rented by college students.  The solution to this problem is simple: rent a summer storage unit as soon as possible to get the best prices.

Adrian Comstock, CEO of and former VP of Operations at Magellan Storage, a Los Angeles self storage company says “Since many students wait until the last minute to rent their storage units, on the way out of town, it is easy for facility operators to charge a premium for the most desirable locations near campus.  Students would be much better off planning ahead for summer and renting storage as soon as possible to lock in the best rates.”  He goes on to say, “Many storage companies offer student-specific packages, with discounts for pre-paying for the entire summer term for a college-dorm room-sized unit, such as a 5×5.” But the best way to find a self storage deal today, is checking online. Comparison sites, like have culled storage facilities near college campuses, making it easy for college students and parents to browse to find the best location and price for the summer storage season.

“We’ve assembled sets of storage facilities near colleges, and asked these facilities to offer a college special. The response was overwhelming. Many storage companies offer a move-in truck, and in some cases even a driver, along with 2-3 months of pre-paid storage,” says Mr. Comstock.

Renting a storage unit online not only makes the process simpler and allows customers to compare prices at different facilities; it also means that renters can lock-in the price of the unit they want right away.  Even if the date of move-in is weeks in the future, at the end of the semester when occupancy rates will be higher, the customer that rents online will receive the price they agree to on the day of their rental.


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Started by former self-storage operators and technology industry veterans who are passionate about self-storage and Web consumer experiences, lists available storage units at hundreds of facilities all across the country, including many college self storage facilities. Used to be, storage customers would have to call or drive around to multiple facilities and compare disparate information and confusing move-in promotions. Today on Storitz, consumers can not only search and compare the units, they can choose the exact unit that they will rent and pay for their initial rental unit without even leaving the page, much less their computer or home.  By simplifying the rental and shopping process, Storitz makes it easy to find storage to suit anyone’s needs, especially college students and parents in a rush to find a unit before the dorms close for the summer.  For more information visit

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