5 Georgia Cities That Need Storage

We’ve already been through how self storage can help homeowners, how self storage can help you RIGHT NOW, how self storage can help Mardi Gras, and how self storage can help you during a break up.  So today we’re going to get a little local and take a look at self storage in Georgia and reasons you might need it, like, yesterday.



1. Atlanta, GA

You want to be on the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta so you have to hide all evidence of your past life where you actually had a job and any sort of ambition besides fame.  Put those old photos in an Atlanta storage unit.

2. Decatur, GA

You’re afraid the end of the world is nigh since you saw that John Cusack movie, so you want to have a place to hide out that’s as near to Michael Stipe’s birthplace as possible since he’s had plenty of time to figure out what to do at the end of the world.  You’d better prepare before 2012 hits and rent a Decatur, GA storage unit TODAY.


3. Douglasville, GA

You’re really bored of living in Douglasville because nothing ever happens there aside from the occasional Christian rock concert so you’ve finally decided to skip town.  Don’t toss all your stuff (you might need it for when Jars of Clay have their reunion show), put it in a Douglasville storage unit.

4. Lawrenceville, GA

See #3, Douglasville

Storage near Lawrenceville, Georgia

5. Roswell, GA

You’re sick of Roswell,  New Mexico getting all the credit for aliens, so you’re concocting a very elaborate hoax that ends with an alien autopsy in a Roswell Georgia storage unit.  Plus, having the unit rented already will come in handy when your wife kicks you out for spending all your time concocting a fake alien hoax instead of going to work.

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