5 Reasons College Students Need Storage

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Do you remember your first day of college?  Or maybe your child’s first day of college?  How it was joyous and terrifying and sad and awesome and all of those things?  And do you also remember all of the stuff that you tried to pack into that dorm room?  Lamps and new sheets and posters of whatever bands are cool with college kids these days?  This is important stuff.  You do not want to get rid of it!  They’re memories of some of the most glorious days of your life, after you have a curfew and before you have a real job.  For instance, here are a few reasons that you, a modern college student (or parent) might find self storage to be the best solution for you:

1. Studying Abroad

One of the most awesome opportunities that many college students get this year is the chance to immerse themselves in the culture, language, geography and cocktails of an entirely different culture by traveling abroad for a semester or two and taking classes in another country.  But what are you supposed to do with all your stuff while you’re partying – I mean studying – across the ocean?  Um, so I don’t know if you read the title of this post but I think You Need USC Self Storage (assuming you go to USC, that is).

2. Going Home for Summer

OMG, school is finally out for the summer.  What a relief.  Studying for finals was, like, so stressful.  End of year parties? Also stressful.  Not to mention the fact that you made a ton of new friends and well you’re not going to see any of them for a few months because you’re leaving town.  But you know what will guarantee that you’re not going to see them again any time soon? If you show up home for the summer with a car full of stuff and nowhere to put it.  A better choice?  Get storage in New York City if you’re at Columbia or self storage near Memphis if you’re at UM.  You can even go in on one with a friend or with next semester’s roommate to save some $.
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3. Moving with New Roommates

Oh my god, wasn’t that girl so annoying?  The one that you had to live with freshman year?  Ohh my god she was so weird!  And the only band she would listen to was, like, Green Day.  Ugh.  Thank god you get to choose your own roommate this year!  But wait – what about the fact that the pair of you have, between you, like 4 desks and 3 microwaves and god knows how many editions of Trivial Pursuit.  Yeah, you could leave them in the front yard of a frat house and hope for the best – or you could put all that stuff in storage in Chicago where you can get deals on UIC storage all the time.

4. Parents Downsizing

Yay, it’s your last semester of school!  Boo, your parents have decided to move out of your childhood home and into a condo in West Palm Beach :(  Actually, that can be a YAY too but the big problem is, there’s no room in the condo for your room from home.  And there are important movie ticket stubs and notes you wrote in high school that you spent hours folding into elaborate shapes!   So now it’s your job to take care of these things.  And there’s really not room for it in the “efficiency” that you had to move in to after last year’s roommate threatened to burn down your apartment.  Self storage in Harrison New York might just be the best option until you finally graduate from Fordham and get a job and, you know, a bedroom.

5. Summer Travel backpack gentoophoto © 2007 Ambra Galassi | more info (via: Wylio)

Maybe you weren’t quite so lucky as to get to spend a semester in Prague being wooed by European men.  Or maybe you were but your parents are super nice and they’re still sending you to bum around Europe in hostels for a few months.  Either way, you’re going to need some place to put all your stuff because it’s called “backpacking” for a reason: you literally have to fit all of your stuff in a backpack.  I KNOW.  So your extensive collection of collectible ‘water pipes’ is probably going to be better off in self storage.

If that’s not enough good reasons why college students should look into self storage, well frankly I don’t think you read this far.  Did you skim?  That’s no way to pass this test.  Still, you should probably click over to storitz.com where you can compare and rent self storage all over the country.  Whether you’re Ivy League or, like, I don’t know are there other leagues?




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