3 Reasons You’ll Need Storage After Watching The Royal Wedding

Seeing as I am the only one in the Storitz office with 50% English blood, and a mother who was born and raised in England, I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts on The Royal Wedding, the biggest and greatest event of the year (or decade, in my British opinion). You may be wondering how and why this has to do with Storitz, so let me tell you…

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While The Brits are struggling to put the finishing touches on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, us Americans are struggling to find a way to rearrange our Friday work schedules so that we can stay up until 2am when the wedding will be nationally broadcast on probably every major news network, oh and the Royal YouTube Channel (bet you didn’t even know that existed!).

So now let’s get to the point of this post: 3 reasons why you will need to use Storitz after watching The Royal Couple say I Do:

1. A Safe Hiding Place for the Dress

After seeing the beautiful, elegant, fairytale-esque, stunning, jaw dropping wedding dress that Kate will wear, you’ll probably march right over to the nearest bridal shop to buy your very own wedding dress. But you might have to wait a few hours until they actually open before you can try it on. Wait, when are you getting married again? Right, planning ahead is always smart. When you finally buy the dress of your dreams (and drain that poor bank account of yours), use Storitz to find and rent a cheap storage unit to store that dream dress of yours until the big day. You don’t want the lucky groom trying to take a sneak peak at it, do you? And of course, you’ll want to make sure you find a facility that has top-notch security and even has climate controlled units so that your dress will stay in tip-top shape! With Storitz is easy to find the perfect storage unit to fit your needs and budget.

2. A Place to Make and then Keep the Decorations

You’re probably going to have wedding-fever until you get back from your honeymoon, and that’s ok, we won’t judge you. So now that you’ve picked out the dress, you’ll probably move on to thinking about the other details which, quite frankly, aren’t as exciting as picking out a dress you’ll only wear once! But since you just spent a fortune on that gorgeous designer wedding gown, you’ll need to cut back on things such as floral arrangements and table decorations. So you’ll probably head over to your nearest craft store and buy out the entire selection of stunningly beautiful, fake white roses and endless amounts of tulle and ribbon. Buying in bulk is always cheaper, but now you have no room in your tiny apartment to hold all of these craft supplies. Don’t worry, first, invite over your bridesmaids and use the storage unit to make everyone’s bouquets and the centerpieces for the tables. Once you are finished, safely lock them up in storage near San Diego. You’ll probably be super busy the days before the wedding, so we suggest you put your decorations in a storage unit near the location of your wedding to make things a little easier on you.

3. Moving In Together

And finally, now that you’re married you will probably be moving in with your new spouse. And he probably won’t allow you to bring that hot pink couch with leopard print pillows in the house. Likewise, you’ll probably want him to empty out that game room to make space for a nursery… or ummm… new office? Whatever that new room ends up being, you’ll probably need Los Angeles self storage for the next few months, until you decide you need a bigger home OR you compromise and allow him to keep the pinball machine, just as long as you can decorate his leather couch with those leopard pillows, whichever comes first. And until that decision gets made, use Storitz to find and rent self storage for your most prized possessions.

So now that you have pulled an all-nighter watching the Royal Wedding, it’s time to… get shopping! It’s time to use Storitz to compare and rent self storage for all of your wedding/post-wedding needs, who needs sleep anyways? Oh, and look on the bright side, Prince Harry is still available. And in my British opinion, he’s the more attractive one :)


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