No Dead Bodies: 12 Things You Should Not Put in Self-Storage

At Storitz, we love to tout the benefits and the variety of uses for self-storage.  From helping people who are relocating for a new job to offering a way for people to get their lives in order after difficult changes, self-storage has a lot of practical uses!  But there are still some things that for one reason or another (usually safety) you really really should NOT put in a storage unit.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, just a few things that we thought were important or surprising.  Check it out.

1.     Live Animals: This should go without saying, but it seems not a month goes by that there isn’t a sad news story about a live animal being discovered starving in a storage unit, like two dogs recovered this week from a Crown Point, Indiana storage unit.  This is absolutely not OK and poses a hazard to the storage facility, a life-threatening danger to the animal and could come with criminal charges for you.  If you cannot afford to care for your beloved pet any longer, take it to one of the many humane animal shelters in your area where they can be cared for properly.

2.     Fireworks: Anything flammable is a bad idea and is prohibited, but can you imagine if your fireworks started going off in your storage unit.  Plus what if they get damp? No M80s in July :(

3.     Scented Candles: This one is weird and surprising, but we’ve heard from self-storage managers that the very thing that makes scented candles attractive to psychics and single women, tasty smells, also makes them attractive to rodents and pests which you definitely do not want in your storage unit.  Keep these on your mantle or to the side of your Jacuzzi tub, but don’t put your scented candles in storage.

4.     Loaded Fire Arms: Laws on storing firearms vary from state to state but storing a loaded gun is both dangerous and illegal.  If you are legally allowed to store your firearms in a storage unit in your area, you must store them completely unloaded and separately from their ammunition.  It’s also a good idea to keep it locked with a gunlock and/or in a Department of Justice approved gun safe.  If you do plan to store firearms, it’s a good idea to check with your facility to make sure you know their specific rules.

5.     Food: Food is delicious and you should eat it, not store it! But also food can attract mice and other pests – which not only ruins your delicious food, but also won’t endear you to your fellow tenants or your facility manager.  Because eek! a mouse!

6.     Gasoline: This doesn’t just mean “don’t store a pyramid of full gas cans in your storage unit” (definitely don’t do that) but if you’re storing something that runs on gas like a motorcycle or a lawnmower, you should empty the gas tank before putting it in storage to avoid a fire hazard.

7.     Paint: “Oh, honey, we have some extra gallons of Peach Fuzz from when we painted the guest room last year!  Should I take it over to the storage unit?“ Nope!  Paint is a flammable and hazardous material that you should not keep in a storage unit.

8.     Drugs: There’s been more than one case of huge amounts of marijuana being discovered in storage units.  Look we’re not here to judge but don’t go dragging your storage facility into your life of drugs and debauchery!

9.     Booty: Hey pirates!  Out of here with your booty!  Shouldn’t you be keeping that on an island or something?  You too, Nicki Minaj – no booty!  What I mean is, don’t store items that don’t belong to you. Also don’t steal.  Not cool.

10. Asbestos: Someone didn’t get the memo about this one when they improperly put asbestos in a Denver storage unit.  This goes for any and all hazardous and potentially hazardous materials.  If you have a question about something that you want to store, be sure to check with the facility manager.  Better safe than sorry cause you’re not going to have a lot of friends when your Pepsi bottle full of kerosene sets the entire storage facility on fire.  And friends are what make life worth living.

11. People: We really understand that children and husbands and upstairs neighbors can all be extremely annoying in one way or another but you can’t just put them in your storage unit.  You also can’t hope to save on rent by moving into your storage unit yourself.  It’s illegal.  It’s dangerous.  And it’s kind of gross.  I mean, there’s no shower in there guys.  Note this applies to people of both the living & dead variety.

12. Tires: In a weird twist, many storage facilities won’t let you store tires.  Of course, if you’re storing a car you can store the four tires it comes on, but tires are costly to get rid of and facilities don’t want to be stuck footing the bill.  Take note!

Since this isn’t a comprehensive list, be sure to check with your facility if you feel hesitant about anything that you’re planning to store.

Was this list helpful?  What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments!

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