8 Funny Football Storage Things

Snowstorms, airport closures and having practices at a high school notwithstanding, everyone’s abuzz about the Super Bowl in Dallas on Sunday where the Green Bay Packers will face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers (had to google that).  Most blogs are probably telling you to prepare by making sure you have enough beer or stuffing your freezer with chicken wings.  But that’s not really our department here at Storitz, so instead, we’re going to help you out with some creative storage devices that are very tangentially related to the Super Bowl!  Just one more question: are you ready for some football…decorated household items that let you store everything from tortilla chips to babies?

Chip Stadium

This one might be most obvious when you think of things that store other things that are also related to football.  You can store your chips right there on the field and your dip of choice in the little football bowl.  I guess this photo was taken after a successful Super Bowl party because for whatever reason there are only three chips left in the bowl – I mean stadium.   But you probably get the idea.

The Football Cocoon

This “cocoon” was an unexpected find.  But I guess if you do need to store your baby, you might as well make it look like something that large men hurl wedge under their arms and hurl through the air.  Especially if your baby’s name is ‘Roethlisberger‘.  It might be too late now to buy this baby cocoon in time for the big game, but there’s always next season.  Or you could probably find one in “basketball”.

Football Flask

Football and alcohol go hand in hand so in a way, it makes sense that this terminally classy football motif would be applied to a flask.  On the other hand, my understanding is that flasks are meant to be discreet and this is about as discreet as the wallpaper in my grandmother’s rec room.  Also, this photo makes it look as if the flask has already been kept in Brett Favre‘s glove compartment for the last few months.  I personally prefer my hideous flasks Brand New.


Not sure what this has to do with football?  Nothing!  But it was called “Super Bowl” on etsy.  Savvy marketing.

Baby Carrier Cover

I don’t want to get too personal here, but I don’t have a baby and I actually had no idea that a “Baby Carrier Cover” was something that you needed.  However, apparently it is.  Might I suggest combining this Baby Carrier Cover with the Football Baby Cocoon for the highest probability of your baby being an underweight nerd who plays World of Warcraft.


Don’t get confused (like I did), this is actually an extremely blurry picture of two different Dallas Cowboy‘s themed kitchen items.  The one on the right is to hold your excess plastic bags.  In case you are not familiar with such a contraption, the description lets us know that “YOU INSERT THE BAGS IN THE TOP AND PULL OUT FROM THE ELASTIC BOTTOM.”  Oh, thanks.  The blurry item on the right is meant to cover your water cooler bottle.  Yes, I always did think that bottle was a bit unsightly and needed A LOT more team spirit.

Football Chair and Ottoman

So now that you’ve stored your chips, your booze, your water cooler, your plastic bags, your baby (twice!) and whatever you want to put in your SUPER bowl, where are you going to store yourself?  How about this stylish and not at all ugly football chair!

Of course, you’re going to need a place to put all this stuff once football season is over on Monday.  How about a Dallas storage unit?

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