Self Storage Facilities Address Security Concerns with Vigilance

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Making the decision to rent self storage can mean a lot of things, but it certainly means that you care about your stuff.  Renting affordable storage from Storitz still means that you’re choosing to spend your hard earned money to store your things.  So these must be things that you want to keep.  Things that matter to you.  Things you don’t want anyone messing with.

We also know that, unfortunately, self storage has developed somewhat of a reputation for being seedy and dangerous.  And it certainly doesn’t help matters when high profile cases like Pete Sampras’ burglary are the only mentions of self storage in the news.  Since security is a major concern for our customers,  the Storitz blog reached out to some Southern California storage facilities to find out what their security systems look like and how they are treating customers’ security concerns with the utmost care:

Gate Control

With nearly two billion square feet of self storage in the United States, you’ve probably seen a self storage facility at some point in your life.   The typical facility features a few rows of outdoor storage units, often with drive up access, and a gate surrounding the entire property.  This gate, complete with unique access codes for every tenant, functions as a facility’s first line of defense against unwanted entry.

TNT Self Storage is a third party management company that works with facilities operating under many different names and their facilities require not just an entry code, but also a code to exit the gate, providing further protection for their tenants and staff.

Besides functioning as, you know, a gate, when a facility requires a unique access code for each tenant, it means that the storage facility can link your gate code to your unit.  You punch in your gate code, and the alarm at your unit disarms so that you can easily access your stored items.  But if someone attempts to open your unit without first punching in your gate code, an alarm will sound alerting the facility staff of the breach.  This protects your unit from being easily accessed by just anyone that manages to get in the gate.


Jason Lopez, a representative of a number of  US Storage Centers properties in Southern California, assured us that they “make sure the facilities are well lit at night,” adding that “lighting helps a lot,” not only to make tenants feel secure should they need to visit their storage unit at night, but also to deter criminals.  Combine good lighting with a facility in a “commercial area with very little foot or transit traffic” like that of TNT and you have created a storage facility with a low risk for criminal activity.

Camera Systems

All the facilities we spoke to have video cameras in place to monitor their properties.   Many facilities feature television monitoring displays of everything their cameras capture in their front office both as a security feature and a deterrent.  In this manner, facility managers can easily monitor activity from the office, visiting and prospective tenants can get a feel of normal activity levels at the facility and any would-be criminal will be immediately deterred by the large and prominent display.  TNT properties have a live feed of their cameras on the Internet so that facility managers, regional managers and offsite security teams can access the data from anywhere and the more pairs of eyes on the facility the better, in terms of security.  Which brings us to…


More than one person mentioned the same thing as the most important component of their security equation: people.  At StorQuest, for instance, the “store managers, assistant managers and bellmen are actively engaged and on site every day conducting security checks, sweeping the property, replacing any burnt out lights, and ensuring that [their] security systems are fully operational.”  Beyond keeping the property clean and well lit, these tasks keep staff familiar with both the property and the tenants.  This familiarity is essential in recognizing any unusual activity immediately and take necessary action to protect the facility and its tenants.

Storitz knows that it can feel risky to put your things in storage, especially if you’ve never used self storage before.  But the facilities we list are those that care about their customers and care about the security of their things, no matter what you’re storing.  Finding a safe and secure storage unit on Storitz is as easy as putting in your zip code.

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