We’re Not on Vacation: This Week in Self Storage

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Neither the self storage industry nor the sometimes heartbreaking and usually bizarre news that it generates have gone on their Christmas break yet.  Here are some headlines from around the country:

  • Rescue workers made a sad discovery last week when nearly 140 cats were found in a storage unit in Pasadena, California.  A 62-year old woman had been caring for the animals, who were living in squalid conditions.  Though many were suffering from infections, the cats are reported to be in fair condition at the Pasadena Humane society.
  • Over the weekend, nearly 1500 toys were stolen from a storage facility in Burlington, Massachusetts.  In a truly heartless act, thieves broke into a unit housing toys that had been collected for the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program and rifled through the toys, ultimately taking many that were for children 8 & older and valued at $15 to $30.  The crime is still under investigation.   A local Starbucks location is currently collecting toys specifically to replace those that were stolen.
  • An 80-year-old man in Tacoma, Wash. was sentenced to 10 years in prison after yet again being convicted of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.  Following his initial arrest, Ronald Hall was found to have more than $800,000 in a storage unit in California.  He plead with judges that he “did not want to die in prison”.  Unfortunately, he was told that “the pity jar was emptied” when he used the same line in 1997, only to return to crime after his release.
  • In a bizarre self storage robbery, a man in Athens, Georgia discovered that his storage unit had been broken into when he went to open it and found a strange lock in place of his own.  Once the lock was cut off, he found his own lock inside the unit and everything rearranged.  The only things immediately found to be missing were a $2000 African mask and a $200 computer.
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