Top 10 Celebrity Storage Stories of 2010

It might not seem like Antoine Dodson, Miley Cyrus and the Chilean Miners have a lot in common (besides being media sensations).  But there are a lot of reasons why people use self storage, and the thing that links most of them is change.  Facing a major change in your life, planned or unplanned, is when you are most likely to seek self storage.  Which people in the news this year have been through big life changes that might find them needing storage?

Miley Cyrus at the 81st Academy Awards.
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10.     Miley Cyrus: Though it’s not something anyone should announce they’ve been keeping track of, Miley Cyrus did, indeed turn 18 this year.  Combine that with the facts that she’s extremely rich and her parents are splitting up all make for really compelling arguments on why she ought to move out on her own.  Maybe not college (let’s not go crazy) but at least her own place.  She could easily pack all that old kid’s stuff into a small storage unit since your first new apartment is the last place you want reminders of that weird show you were on where you were like, a twin or something?  Or was it her secret identity?  Hannah Montana is confusing.

A poster for Team Conan, created during the To...

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9.     Conan: The year began with some sad and surprising news for funnyman Conan O’Brien, who was only a few months into his stint as host of NBC’s Tonight Show when the network suddenly announced that they would be dropping him and giving the show back to Jay Leno.  Though Conan made a triumphant return with millions of twitter followers, a sold out national tour and eventually a contract with TBS, it was surely a depressing task to clean out the Tonight Show desk.  And who wants those bad memories in your basement?  Better put that stuff in storage.

8.    Chilean Miners: Of course, when they left for work on August 5th, none of the miners in Copiapo, Chile copper-gold mine could have known that they wouldn’t be coming home for the next 69 days.  But once they were out, a number of them used their fresh fame as a ticket to travel the world, running the New York City marathon and even appearing on David Letterman.  Another day at the mine might not be so appealing after a week in the Big Apple, so why not put that helmet with the light on it in storage and stay for a while.

Man blowing a vuvuzela, Cape Town, South Africa

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7.    Vuvuzelas: Who said VUVUZELA?!


6.     Wikileaks: The extensive privileged cables released by the website Wikileaks and the following arrest of the sites founder Julian Assange on charges unrelated to the leaks have made waves across the world.  Though he’s apparently holed up in an English manor now, Assange was living a globetrotting lifestyle before his arrest, making him a perfect candidate for self storage. .

Lindsay Lohan
Cover of Lindsay Lohan

5.     Lindsey Lohan: Lindsey Lohan news kind of blends together at this point but apparently 2010 was the year that she went to jail twice and rehab three times.  I’m not really sure it’s called rehab at that point – more like a resort.  Either way, as a collector of cokepants and hair extensions, Lindsey could surely put LA self storage to good use.

Snooki at Seaside Heights NJ

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4.     Jersey Shore 2: The cast of everyone’s favorite self-tanned MTV series Jersey Shore packed up their trash bags and headed south to Miami this summer.  Not only could they put all their winter parkas in New Jersey storage, but you know that they must buy their hair products in bulk.

Sandra Bullock at the premiere for The Proposal
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3.     Sandra Bullock: For Sandra Bullock, 2010 saw her go from on top of the world when she won the Best Actress Oscar in March to the depths of despair when it was very publicly revealed that her husband, Jesse James, had been carrying on multiple affairs during the course of their 5 year marriage.  Bullock quickly filed for divorce and sent James packing.  Sandy would certainly have use for storage since she probably doesn’t want to be spending too much time in her garage.  (PS: she actually has storage in TexasThere are pictures!)

Antoine Dodson

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2.     Antoine Dodson: Antoine  Dodson made the most of a bad situation, using the local news to assure a neighborhood criminal that “we gonna find you” and in the process became an overnight internet sensation with a hit song on iTunes, a YouTube video with millions of views and even a recent appearance on Lopez Tonight, singing a Christmas version of The Bed Intruder Song.  So why would Antoine Dodson need storage?  Because with his newfound fame and the Lincoln Park Rapist still on the loose, he’ll surely be changing residences soon.  In fact, a move to Hollywood might be an order.

Tiger Woods in 2007
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1.     Tiger Woods: Oh, Tiger.  What more is there to say about you and your various affairs that ultimately led to the breakup of your marriage ( TO A SWEDISH MODEL) and family and will probably cost you millions of dollars not to mention your previously pristine reputation?  Nothing, except for Use to find the best deals on self storage near you.  Or near her.  Or near that other one.  Or in Vegas.  Or even give us a call.  Seriously.

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