‘Tis The Season…to Steal Gifts: This Week in Self Storage

christmas thiefphoto © 2008 marcore! | more info (via: Wylio)Though for many people, Christmastime is a time for charity and giving and, you know, being nice, there are still people out there who use others’ generosity as an excuse to take advantage of them, like the grinches who had no problem ruining strangers’ Christmases by stealing their gifts.

  • A man suspected of being involved with a series of burglaries in Wake County, North Carolina led police to a storage unit in Wake Forest where many of the stolen items were found.  Upon his arrest last week, the man spontaneously offered information about the storage unit to police, who proceeded to find electronics, tools, GPS units DVDs and video games in the storage unit.
  • Thieves in Fayette County, Georgia broke into a storage facility and made off with items from more than 60 units there.  Many tenants only became aware of the burglary when they came to pick up the Christmas gifts they had stored there.  Unfortunately there are no surveillance pictures of video of the thieves.
  • $6000 in Christmas gifts were stolen from a Georgia storage unit sometime between last Monday and Christmas Eve, including a flat screen television and $2000 worth of tools.  Police currently have no leads but have said the unit’s lock was in place, but the door was cut open.
  • A man calling himself James O’Donnell has been detained on $2 million bail by New York police after they found a cache of weapons in his New York City storage locker — including a .22 caliber pistol, a 9mm pistol, 3 silencers, 10 daggers, a stun gun, a laser scope and 305 rounds of ammo.  But when police ran his finger prints, they not only found no record of criminal history but also no name, no driver’s license and no social security number.  O’Donnell insists he is an American and war veteran who was headed to Germany but will not submit to a cheek swab for DNA identification.
  • An 18 year old man in Memphis, Tennessee has been charged with aggravated kidnapping after forcing a 15 year old girl into a van at gunpoint, and then holding her for ransom in a Tennessee storage unit.  The girl was found by police, unharmed and the suspect is being held on $75000 bail.
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